Blouse, Belt, Necklace–Thrifted. Skirt–Blush. Leather Jacket–F21. Boots–Target.

WYSLTWRT: Gotye “Easy Way Out”

Last year during the holidays I didn’t really acknowledge the time of year, so I thought I would give Thanksgiving a lil’ bit of a shout out this time around.

In this outfit, I did my best to find the balance between class and comfort. It’s really a difficult holiday to dress for, if you think about it: you’re trying to show those extended relatives just how put-together you are and bounce off of the standard questions about where you’re going in life, if you’re on drugs, why you’re majoring in English (“I mean, you ALREADY speak English, so why pay $30,000 a year to learn MORE about something you’re already an expert at?”), etc. Hopefully, wearing something that shows your personality while simultaneously staying within the confines of family tradition will act as an unspoken forcefield against questions about the guy who came with you to the last Thanksgiving dinner but doesn’t seem to be showing his face this year.


Excuse the X on my hand. Side affect of late night concerts.

The leather jacket is that perfect little rebellious piece that causes your aunt to lean over and whisper “Do you think she’s in a gang?” to your uncle, who is paying far much more attention to the Rockette’s performance on TV than your grand entrance.



So of course you shluff off the jacket and proceed to hug every relative that requires hugging and eventually you manage to sit down. Thank God you didn’t wear a ton of accessories, just one vintage looking statement necklace to attract the grandparents and distract from the length (or lack thereof) of your skirt.



The skirt itself is pretty cool. It’s just one huge elastic band with fabric wrapped around an scrunched up to look like messy pleats, and it begs for a skinny belt. The color of the skirt is the perfect mix of all the colors on the blouse.






One thing you do NOT want to do on the holidays is go crazy on the makeup. It gets in the way of eating and your relatives will look at you funny. I just stuck to foundation, bronzer, mascara, and I filled my eyebrows. Didn’t hike up my hair as per the norm–just kept everything looking pretty natural.










Of course, I didn’t actually wear this on thanksgiving. I wore sweatpants.


That’s all for November! November Faves will be combined with December for a special Winter Faves post.

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See you all in December!

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I’ve been meaning to do this for a while now, but only just got around to it. Basically there are a few things that might be confusing if you’re a first time reader here at Project Maganda that I want to clear up real quick, just so we’re all on the same page.

Lo and behold, the FAQ’s!


1. How Do You Pronounce “Maganda”?

“Maganda” is pronounced “Mah(as in the slang for mother)-gan(imagine a jamaican person saying the word “gun”)-dah(like at the end of panDA)”.

Everything is pretty tall and emphasis is put epecially on the end syllable “da”.

2. What Does “Project Maganda” Mean?

“Maganda” is the Tagalog (or Filipino) word for “beautiful”. So Project Maganda literally translates to Project Beautiful.

3. What’s that WYSLTWRT That’s at the Beginning of All Your Style Posts?

WYSLTWRT is my acronym for “What You Should Listen To Whilst Reading This”. Basically what I do is I pick a song that matches the theme of my outfit and I put a link to that song at the beginning of every post, labeled “WYSLTWRT”. What YOU’re supposed to do is click on that link and listen to the song as you read the corresponding post and see the outfit. This is to give you an additional sensory experience during your reading. My WYSLTWRTs are anything from what I was listening to while putting together the outfit, shooting, editing, or just something that embodies what inspired the outfit itself. The whole purpose is to give you guys another feel for the essence of the outfit.

4. Who Takes All Your Photos?

For style posts, my dad takes the photos of me. Anything outside of that (Monthly Faves, Personal Blog, etc.) are all photos taken by me.

5. Are You Using Blogspot?

No. This website is run with the help of WordPress.

6. Are You Sponsored By Any Clothing Companies?

No. All of my favorites and things I wear I have purely by preference only and all recommendations I make are purely from my personal love of the product or company. I will let you guys know if I partner up with any companies in the future.

7. Can I Model For You?

I am currently in the process of putting together a possible project that would involve multiple models, but I will pick them myself. So, to answer your question: maybe, but there will be no formal casting call for any models nor will my chosen models be payed.

8. Are You Planning On Working With Other Photographers In the Future?

Yes! I’ve been in contact with other photographers who just want to get more experience under their belt and broaden their horizons, and those endeavors should begin around next year possibly.

9. Will You Ever Start a Youtube Channel?

Possibly. If at all, it won’t be until college. I just don’t have the time nor resources at the moment to keep up with a YouTube channel, so that will have to wait.

10. Are You Making Money Off PM Right Now?

No. Not yet.

If you have any other questions, feel free to comment on any of my posts and I will be sure to check it out.

Thanks for reading! Hope that answers at least some inquiries you may have had about me and Project Maganda.

Much love,




WYSLTWRT: Usher “U Don’t Have To Call (NΞHZVIL Remix)”

Sorry this post is a bit behind–I’ve had the pics for a while, but you know.

Since we’re FINALLY in the thick of fall, I thought I’d take this Monthly Faves Outside.

1. Sam&Libby Boots

Sam&Libby Boots--$40, Target.

Sam&Libby Boots–$40, Target.

I first got the camel pair of boots for a beginning-of-fall stomping shoe, but then fell so intensely in love with them that I went back and purchased a black pair for myself as well. These shoes are literally the most perfect ankle boot I have ever bought, and I’m so glad I have them in two colors now.

2. Room by Emma Donoghue


I actually borrowed this book from my speech team coach (shoutout to Mr. Grimes) to cut and turn into a piece to compete with in prose interpretation, but this book is incredibly entertaining, frightening, and mind-blowing. I would explain the plot, but there’s just so much to explain…if you want to experience what it’s like to face adult topics from the eyes of a child, this is the book for you.

3. Tears for Fears CD


My dad lent me this CD, and at first I wasn’t a fan, to be completely honest. But now, having tried out the CD in my car stereo, I feel a very teen-life vibe from this band and am enjoying their music quite a lot.

4. Aerie Perfume


I’m a sucker for new scents, especially florals. There was some sort sale going on and I ended up getting this bottle for free. Either way, it’s been a really nice light smell that’s completed my collection, at least for now. It’s a subtle floral smell, which contrasts the sharp scent of my D&G Light Blue and the heavy night air of my Lady Gaga Fame.

5. Soundcloud App



THIS APP IS EVERYTHING. You know how I always make my WYSLTWRTs remixes and stuff? Well now you can hear those tracks wherever you go with the Soundcloud app. There’s very few original tracks like you would get from Spotify or anything like that, but remix artists and just general casual electro artists put their stuff up here for everyone to hear. Costs nothing, the music is great, and it’s all around an awesome website, translated perfectly into a really well designed  app. Good job, Soundcloud.

Those are all my faves from October! Some new stuff coming soon.

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Thanks for reading!

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Everything seen is from Forever 21 except for the shoes, which are from Choies.

Everything seen is from Forever 21 except for the shoes, which are from Choies.

WYSLTWRT: Stromae “Tous Les Mêmes”

Edgy and cute are on two opposite sides of the fashion spectrum, and I always find myself battling with which side I’m on. I definitely don’t dress like a doll, but I’m not full on grunge either. However I dress is usually a reflection on my passing mood, as it is for most people. But another thing I always take into account (you may find me completely insane in doing this but I do) is the social standing I have in whatever event or setting for which I am dressing. For instance, if I’m going to an event where I know I will not have the upper hand socially, I’ll pick out something I know will set me apart and give me an air of superiority. If I know I’ll be with a trusted group of people, I wear “cuter”, more feminine pieces.

For this outfit, I wanted something smack dab in the middle for me. It’s got a platform boot and sharp colors paired with black to give an edgy vibe, but the silhouette of the apron romper and the way I styled my hair gives the outfit the vibe of a school girl.

web3NikeKali-1090  I love the kaleidoscope print on this shirt, but the wide range of colors can make it difficult to style. I decided to tone it down by pairing it with the black romper and going for soft eye makeup. The red lips tie into the color on the shirt, and the lack of eyeliner keeps the look young.


Since the outfit is pretty busy on top, I kept the accessories to a minimum (per the norm) with this gold macaroni-looking metal choker.

web3NikeKali-1074 When we shot this look, I had been listening to a lot of Stromae nonstop, so I felt the urge to try for a french-ish vibe, definitely with the hair, lips, and romper. If I ever went to France I wouldn’t hesitate to whip out this ensemble.



1) get a definitive side part.

2) apply small amounts of gel to the sides and just the roots of the top.

3) comb the top forward and fluff/shape with fingers.

Viola. 5 Minutes max.



1) Only using concealer, cover up dark circles and hit highlight areas (bridge of nose, cheek bones, forehead) with a concealer 2 shades lighter than your natural skin tone as your base. Since it’s still kind of warm I didn’t wear foundation. I usually only wear foundation in the winter.

2) Use a champagne eyeshadow and apply to the lid, with a matte mauve shadow in the creases (but only a little). Use an ivory/white shadow to highlight the brow bone. Curl the lashes (or don’t, it doesn’t look like I did in this picture) and apply a light mascara in the blackest black you can find. Filling your brows is optional.

3) Use a bit of bronzer just under the cheekbone and blend it out by using a translucent finishing powder.

4) Berry, red, orange, doesn’t matter what lipstick you use, just keep it clean.

Ta-daa! Once I figure out how to do a not-crappy-looking makeup tutorial, I will.











Thanks for reading! New collaborations, looks, Music Spotlights, etc. coming your way! Next up to bat is October Favorites.

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