Cap--Greek Festival, hand made. Sweater--Stole it from my dad. Shorts--F21. Tights--Target. Socks--Urban Outfitters. Jeffrey Campbell Litas--Poshmark. Necklace--Thrifted.

Cap–Greek Festival, hand made. Sweater–Stolen from my brother. Shorts–F21. Tights–Target. Socks–Urban Outfitters. Jeffrey Campbell Litas–Poshmark. Necklace–Thrifted.

WYSLTWRT: Dynamo feat. Dain Ussery “Movin’ On”

There’s this very awkward period in the year where winter turns to spring, and while it’s lovely and embraced universally, it is also quite tricky to dress for. You don’t know whether to pull out your spring attire or sweat it out in your parka for another week, you scour Pinterest for ideas on reintroducing color into your palette, and Punxsutawney Phil is your fortune teller of choice.

The day we shot this look, it had been raining for two days straight and only let up for about an hour–just enough time for me to slap an outfit together. So, here’s my idea on what-to-wear-if-it’s-warmer-but-not-that-much-warmer-and-it-just-rained-and-you-feel-like-being-a-newsboy. Too general?


I originally wore this with my trusty black overcoat just in case the weather got nippy, but I generally was feeling the look more without the overcoat.


One of my favorite fall-to-winter/winter-to-spring combinations is the shorts+sheer tights+thigh high socks combo. It adds interest without sacrificing comfort, warmth, or figure; the ensemble is an all-around winner.

The sweater is one of the perks of having two older brothers. The other perk is old oversized band tees. Thanks guys.


The outfit lacked interest up top so I added my weird little crew necklace to break up the black of the sweater. For makeup, I went with a smokey eye and a nude lip. Nude is the new red, you know.


My brother’s girlfriend bought me this cap at a greek festival in Nashville many many years ago, when my head was much much smaller. Thank you Emma; I still wear this today (even though it doesn’t come close to fitting my head)!


My Litas were sitting in the back of my closet feeling lonely and forsaken, so I had to bust them out once again just to remind you all of my insanity/superiority.



The paper bag shorts from Forever21 look incredibly awkward when not covered up by a large shirt or sweater, so I use them more so as a layering device than anything else.








Thanks for reading! More to come.

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There are certain pieces of art in this world that have a specific essence around them; something that conjures up an extreme emotional response from the consumer. The effect that songs, paintings, and other art forms have are completely unique to the individual, but there is a defined moment when a viewer or listener discovers an immediate connection with the art.

For me, this song was one of those moments.


I honestly don’t know a single thing about Marika Hackman other than the fact that, based on her music video for “Drown”, she’s really good at holding her breath. But after hearing this song, I’m definitely taking a closer look at the singer’s work.

Her voice is fairly standard indie stuff, but you can pick up small influences from hundreds of other artists from the current and past indie scene, whether it be the effects she puts on her background vocals, her simple guitar pattern, or the almost imperceptible dipping bass that characterizes the chorus. Collectively, the song becomes a living being in and of itself. And the chorus, it’s just downright–eerie. If Grizzly Bear and Bon Iver had a baby girl, it would be Marika Hackman.

The song gives me chills, it’s as simple as that. It just has that special artistic quality about it that strikes a chord with me (nopunintendedohmaniamsosorryforthatpleaseforgiveme).

The music video for “Drown” does a lot of things for me:

a) It’s visually captivating and extremely well done.

b) It actually relates to the song, which is a very refreshing concept.

c) It has successfully compiled all my phobias into three minutes and fifty-one seconds.

I have Agoraphobia, which is basically a fear of any and all things public or open. If you put me in the middle of a party full of people I don’t know, a corn field, or the middle of the ocean, I would legitimately freak out. Subsequently, I also have an intense fear of drowning (but also an intense love for swimming, which sort of sucks). I actually almost drowned this past summer, which didn’t help. But anyway. 

In the music video, we see Marika Hackman being drowned by some unknown character only seen from the elbow to the hand, which clutches Marika’s hair and holds her underwater. No pool walls can be seen, no ocean or pool floor, just never ending nothingness all around her. To me, this is the ultimate nightmare–and yet I can’t seem to look away. There’s just something about the dynamic of the video in combination with the creepiness of the song that draws me in. And as suffocatingly horrific the experience is for me, it’s intoxicating and addictive at the same time.

Seriously one of my favorites now. Check her out.

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Or, Reasons Why I Don’t Have a Boyfriend.


Top–gifted. Army Shirt–Army Surplus. Mom Jeans–Thrifted. Necklace–Gifted. Converse–Converse. Pins–Thrifted. Bag–Target.

WYSLTWRT: Tears for Fears “Everybody Wants to Rule the World (Just A Gent Remix)”

“I dress to be funny.”

~Madeline Pendleton

Hey, it’s been over a month since I did a style post. It took a long time, but all the stars finally aligned–there was a lapse in the freezing rain, I had time, my photographer (a.k.a. Dad) had time, and the camera was all charged up and ready to go. Finally.

This winter break, I was feeling the stress. I’m a very routine person, so I find comfort in monotony rather than boredom. Having a break from school, albeit nice in its own way, makes me extremely anxious nevertheless. I break out, I can’t sleep, and I just in general am lost most of the day. So, in order to make everything else as easy for myself as possible, I have avoided wearing skinny jeans for two whole weeks. Leggings, shorts, dresses, boyfriend jeans, you name it–plus these babies. My one and only pair of the infamous “mom” jean. There are literally still 80′s creases in the leg that I cannot get out, but I’m not sure I want to.

There’s just something about them though; they’re very tight on the waist, but loose everywhere else. They taper towards the bottom but never actually latch on to my legs. The fabric is so stiff I’m hesitant to even attempt at distressing them. They’re horridly ugly.

I love it.


Also, they’re the ultimate booty concealer. I’m fairly sure I have a butt but (lol butt but) these pants would argue otherwise. 

SO: How does one balance out the cankle-simulating, bottom-swallowing mom jeans of doom?


You put on a freaking pirate shirt.

I have absolutely no recollection as to where in the world this shirt came from, but I do know my mom bought it for me and therefore I list it as gifted. Either way, it’s an extremely loose white button down that’s a perfect background for statement necklaces and just enough ridiculousness to be added to this outfit.


I did a quick 90′s knot so all that extra fabric didn’t add to the frump fest.


Again, booty love.


This actually reminds me so much of Kai’s shirt from the EXO’s music video for “Overdose”, what with the huge sleeves and all. I’m kind of okay with it.


Shoutout to my friend Sejal for getting me this awesome necklace as a Secret Santa gift (this is the same gift package that had my icon necklace from my December faves btw) and I absolutely love it. It adds a necessary texture to the outfit.


You guys have seen this jacket before, back in June of this year, but I’ve added a couple of pins this time to up the interest.


All the patches are original.



This is actually a USO pin that I poked through an extra Build-A-Bear heart that I had for no reason.

This is actually a USO pin that I poked through an extra Build-A-Bear heart that I had for no reason.




The bag is a ratty old thing I got from Target years ago, but it’s still one of my favorites. All of the zippers are broken and I ripped it at school one day, but it still does its job and I’ve probably owned it longer than any of my other bags.



I went very minimal on makeup because why bother when you’re wearing these pants? I also left my hair as-is.




Always do your eyebrows, though. Under no circumstances should you ever not do your eyebrows.




Oh, underneath I have a black caged bra from Urban Outfitters. The shirt is see through anyway and I REALLY hate tank tops, so I figured I would just go big or go home.



dem LEGS






Alrighty. There ya go.

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Thanks for waiting, and HAPPY FIRST STYLE POST OF 2015!

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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all my readers! I hope you have enjoyed/are enjoying some quality family time and partaking in whatever festivities you can.

Some of these favorites are things I’ve used for the whole year and just have yet to speak of, and others are newly acquired Christmas presents that have already seen a lot of use. Either way, let’s go down the line and take a look!

1. Giraffage “No Reason” Album


If you remember from a good while ago, I featured the electronic artist Giraffage as a favorite on my “I HAVE SOME RECOMMENDATIONS” post. Well he’s come out with a new album called “No Reason” and it’s just as great as “Feels” and “Comfort”. The album is only five songs long, but it’s just enough time to get through a portion of a novel or a 20-minute lonely drive. Perfect thinking music. Again, props to Giraffage.

2. Bulldog Speaker


Now Mr. Bulldog has been featured in my Monthly Favorites before–in fact, it was exactly one year ago. He’s been going strong ever since, and I have used the speaker thoroughly for all of 2014. It was especially helpful for blasting holiday tunes this past month.

3. “Icon” Necklace


I’m really picky when it comes to wearing words. I really hate inspirational quotes (wow that sounds super cynical. But come on.) and I always have trouble finding some article of clothing or accessory with words that I want to advertise. I was gifted this necklace as part of an ENORMOUS Secret Santa gift, and it fits my criteria pretty perfectly for wordy jewelry. First of all, it’s small and therefore not obnoxious. Secondly, there is little to no “bling” on it–just the dotted “i” has a tiny tiny diamond. And it doesn’t say “love”, or “hope”, or anything like that–it just says “icon”. The term doesn’t really have a big meaning, and it can be interpreted in different ways, which is super cool.

4. MAC Paint Pot


I received this little tub of MAC Cosmetics paint pot when I first started wearing makeup my Freshman year, but I sort of neglected it up until this month. It’s really good for hiding the darkness around my eyes, a side effect of Junior year that I’ve been working hard to combat, or at least tame.


It doesn’t take a lot to cover a lot of area, and the color is just a tad lighter than my skin, making it perfect for masking discoloration.


Overall, pretty great product, and I’m glad I’ve whipped it back out for the winter months.

5. Neutrogena Face Lotion with Sunscreen


Recently, I’ve been battling with a lot of dry patches on my skin, specifically around my right eye and my cheeks. I used this product a lot in the summer time, and it helped keep my skin really healthy and protected from the sun, so I decided to start using it again as a daily moisturizer and face primer. I am happy to say that my dry patches completely disappeared after only a week of daily use. I have returned this lotion to its rightful place in my daily regimen.

6. Iridescent Cosmetic Pouch


I am all over the iridescent and oil spill trend that has popped up this year, and this bag is no exception. It’s a nice size, so it holds whatever I need it to on the go and fits nicely inside my larger bags. the whole thing is just freaking cool–I don’t know what else to say about it.


Super simple, very cool, easy to clean, and a refreshing alternative to the really girly cosmetic bags that I usually see everywhere. Love it.

7. Songbook



I took this book with me to music camp over the summer and it holds lyrics, chords, notes, etc. all pertaining to music. It’s pretty cool to carry around and it’s nice to just be able to jot down an idea onto paper whenever I think of it rather than having to put it in my phone then transfer to paper later. I’ve kept it around for a few months now.

The Strange Library by Haruki Murakami


Haruki Murakami is my favorite author of all time. His novels are in a genre all their own and are fantastical in the most thought-provoking type of way. My brother T.J. got me this fold-out novella for Christmas and I blew through the whole thing in the afternoon. It’s an extremely quick and easy read, with all of the magic and mystery of a full-blown Murakami novel. Inside, the text is accompanied by artwork of different styles that bring the story to life.


the text gets smaller the farther you go, just so you know.

I absolutely loved the book to death. Thanks Teej!

That’s a wrap for my December favorites, and for 2014. Happy New Year! Can’t wait to see where 2015 takes us.

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Thanks for reading!

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