So I went sledding on a twelve pack of diet cokes yesterday. It wasn’t exactly by choice, but I definitely had fun.

IN OTHER NEWS, cabin fever has been real here in Tennessee. With no school for an entire week, no leaving the house for a good four days, and nothing but music to entertain me, I was bound to make some discoveries. And what’dya know–nothing warms me up like some good ‘ole jazz.

Trevor Wesley has the tamber of Michael Bublé and the range of Justin Timberlake, but with a budget not even coming close to either artist. Somehow, however, the low budget production vibe gives his tracks part of their own special charm, and he manages to make it work in his favor.

His material is classic smooth jazz mixed with stank-face bass hits that hint toward major R&B influences without actually sounding like R&B, leaving the listener astonished at how he manages to hit that magical musical sweet spot every. Single. Time.

The first song I heard by Wesley was an adorable little number called “Chivalry is Dead”, thanks to Ian Eastwood’s dance duet with Megan Batoon. Maybe it was the dance, or the skit before the dance, or just the fact that Ian and Megan are adorable in and of themselves, but I instantly fell in love with the song. Naturally, I did some more research on Trevor’s music. I found his Soundcloud page and the rest is history.

My personal favorite tracks are “Down in Los Angeles”, “Finally”, and (obviously) “Chivalry is Dead”. Check him out!

Wanna know what music I’m loving this month? Check my Soundcloud Likes here.

The style portion will revive itself once I have a reason to go outside aka when Nashville thaws.

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Tee dress–UO. Flannel–F21. Denim Jacket–Thrifted. Sunnies–Earthbound. Necklace–Gifted. Knee socks–UO. Slip Ons–Old Navy.

WYSLTWRT: Oh Wonder “Lose It”

I find it hilarious how people think I have some sort of amazing work ethic. I’m one of the laziest people I know.

Now don’t get me wrong, I do have a drive for things I’m passionate about. But my procrastination levels are dangerously high and I have near to zero ability to keep up with major projects (this, obviously, being the single exception). So, on days when I want to try but I don’t want to feel like I’m trying, I whip out my tee shirt dress.


This dress fits really well on top and has no tapering down the torso whatsoever, so it just wears like an extra-long tee. It’s one of my favorite basics and I can’t wait to use it more in the spring time. More importantly, it’s comfortable as heck. One of my softest pieces.

Since it is a tad short (and very plain) I tied a black&white flannel around my waist for interest and coverage. It’s like Mutual of Omaha for my butt.


I had the sunnies on earlier that day, but it got a bit gloomy around photo shoot time. The blue and white tortoise pair hangs nicely on my crystal necklace. No big deal jewelry this time around.


The thigh-highs tie in nicely with the black in the flannel and connect everything. Plus, who even likes knees?

…I mean, unless you’re into that.

You do you.


These blue floral slip on sneakers imitate denim so they connect back up to the jacket nicely.


For makeup, I just went with a really sharp eyeliner and a nude lip. Can’t seem to shake this look–it’s been my go-to for the past couple of weeks.


Since my hair is getting a bit longer, I decided to curl random pieces and then tousle them for a 90′s mom look.


Lookbook time! Enjoy.














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More to come!

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To be honest, there wasn’t much for me to love in January. It’s been a “put-your-head-down-and-barrel-through” sort of month. What I have been exploring a lot of, however, is the vast selection of amazing music on SoundCloud. If you’re looking for remixes, chill electro-pop, and raw musical projects of your favorite artists, SoundCloud is the way to go. I use the free SoundCloud app almost as much if not more frequently than my regular music library. I know I’ve mentioned it before, but still–highly recommend.

I thought I would compile some tracks I’ve had on repeat this past month for you guys.

Kimbra: “The Passions” (Owen Pallett Cover)

Kimbra’s interpretation of Owen Pallett’s song has a similar eeriness to Grizzly Bear’s Veckatimest album and Marika Hackman’s “Drown”, which I featured in my most recent Music Spotlight. There’s something about this track that haunts the listener, and yet it’s so incredibly intoxicating that I find myself going into a sort of trance whenever I listen to it. If Kafka on the Shore was to be set to music, I wouldn’t hesitate to put this track on the playlist.

By the way, Kimbra made this cover on her own in her basement. Just saying. Queen.

Kimbra: “I’m Wishing” from Snow White

Second track I’ll mention by Kimbra here, and it’s actually a cover of a pretty old song. She took “I’m Wishing” from the beloved movie Snow White and added her own ethereal electronic flare. It’s a wonderful example of Kimbra’s musical inventiveness and creativity. It’s a super cool interpretation of a classic track, and a pretty bangin’ version of an originally very feminine piece of music. I’ve never been too big a fan of Disney Princess stuff, but this cover changes the game.

Spazzkid: “Daytime Disco” feat. Neon Bunny (starRo Remix)

I don’t know how many times I can reiterate my love for Spazzkid (and Giraffage, I sort of lump the two artists together) and his new track “Daytime Disco” featuring Korean indie artist Neon Bunny (who, by the by, just won a 2014 EatYourKimchi award for Best K-Indie Artist) definitely does not disappoint. The original track is a fun, upbeat electronic track, almost like an 8-bit picnic. starRo’s remix of the song, however, changes the tempo and chord progression to give the song a whole new chill and mysterious vibe. I recommend listening to the original first, then the starRo remix. This is the best way to appreciate the interpretation of the song. I’ve included the Kero Kero Bonito remix too, just because all versions of this song are incredibly fun and exceptional.

Spazzkid: “Daytime Disco” feat. Neon Bunny (Original)

Spazzkid: “Daytime Disco” feat. Neon Bunny (Kero Kero Bonito Remix)

Spazzkid X NΣΣT: “Yours Truly” feat. Sarah Bonito

The second selection from Spazzkid is his collaborative effort with Sarah Bonito and NΣΣT, a track titled “Yours Truly”. The synth hits and drops alternate that somewhat resemble Bo En’s “My Time” but less chaotic and more WOWSYNTHPADWOW.

I really can’t think of any other way to describe it. Give it a listen.

Sango & SPZRKT: “JMK” 

This song is the perfect example of the power of dynamics in production. “JMK” is tight, it plays with levels so well, and drops and breaks at all the right times to make me feel some type of way. I would love to see someone dance to this, other than me when I’m in my bathroom. Wow. Just wow. You know those songs that just hit the sweet spot with the production skills? This is one of those songs for me. I never get tired of it.

Thanks for reading! Let me know if you loved any of these selections.

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Cap--Greek Festival, hand made. Sweater--Stole it from my dad. Shorts--F21. Tights--Target. Socks--Urban Outfitters. Jeffrey Campbell Litas--Poshmark. Necklace--Thrifted.

Cap–Greek Festival, hand made. Sweater–Stolen from my brother. Shorts–F21. Tights–Target. Socks–Urban Outfitters. Jeffrey Campbell Litas–Poshmark. Necklace–Thrifted.

WYSLTWRT: Dynamo feat. Dain Ussery “Movin’ On”

There’s this very awkward period in the year where winter turns to spring, and while it’s lovely and embraced universally, it is also quite tricky to dress for. You don’t know whether to pull out your spring attire or sweat it out in your parka for another week, you scour Pinterest for ideas on reintroducing color into your palette, and Punxsutawney Phil is your fortune teller of choice.

The day we shot this look, it had been raining for two days straight and only let up for about an hour–just enough time for me to slap an outfit together. So, here’s my idea on what-to-wear-if-it’s-warmer-but-not-that-much-warmer-and-it-just-rained-and-you-feel-like-being-a-newsboy. Too general?


I originally wore this with my trusty black overcoat just in case the weather got nippy, but I generally was feeling the look more without the overcoat.


One of my favorite fall-to-winter/winter-to-spring combinations is the shorts+sheer tights+thigh high socks combo. It adds interest without sacrificing comfort, warmth, or figure; the ensemble is an all-around winner.

The sweater is one of the perks of having two older brothers. The other perk is old oversized band tees. Thanks guys.


The outfit lacked interest up top so I added my weird little crew necklace to break up the black of the sweater. For makeup, I went with a smokey eye and a nude lip. Nude is the new red, you know.


My brother’s girlfriend bought me this cap at a greek festival in Nashville many many years ago, when my head was much much smaller. Thank you Emma; I still wear this today (even though it doesn’t come close to fitting my head)!


My Litas were sitting in the back of my closet feeling lonely and forsaken, so I had to bust them out once again just to remind you all of my insanity/superiority.



The paper bag shorts from Forever21 look incredibly awkward when not covered up by a large shirt or sweater, so I use them more so as a layering device than anything else.








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