Forgetting your headphones at home when you go to school is literally the worst thing in the entire world.

I exaggerate, of course. #FirstWorldProblems–but still. It sucks; not only does it suck because of all the horrid conversations flowing out your peers mouths to which you now must subject your poor innocent ears, but because its practically taking away a learning tool. This is at least true for me.

I am playing music on my phone at all possible and appropriate times of the day, without fail. It helps me focus on my work, drown out external distractions, and makes every hallway break its own little music video (written, directed, produced, and starred in by yours truly).

This focus, when lost, is devastating to both my work ethic and my general mood. I should probably try to be less dependent on it, but oh well. I digress.


So I’ve been into some amazing new music that has been perfect for motivation, focus, and even some tracks thrown in for a [dance] break, just in time to study for finals. I thought I’d share what’s helping me study with you guys.

You can find my playlist on my 8tracks now! I found that it’s a really efficient way to find, create, and share your favorite music with people everywhere. It was totally free to sign up and I made the playlist in no time. You can get the app, hook up your account to your Instagram and SoundCloud, and do all sorts of other cool stuff I probably haven’t even discovered yet. I’m working on getting some of my older playlists transferred to 8tracks as well as an updated WYSLTWRT playlist, so stay tuned to visit some old favorites!

My playlist is about an hour and a half long, with twenty-seven tracks in total. Enjoy!


More content to come post-final exams. You know.

Much love,



White button down with houndstooth detailing–Ariat. Houndstooth trousers and belt–thrifted. Shoes–Steve Madden. Rings–Gifted.

WYSLTWRT: Fifth Harmony “BO$$” (I’m not even kidding, this song fits; and don’t tell me it’s not even a little bit groovy. Mmhmm.)

As my Junior year of high school comes to a close, I feel the heat of future responsibilities on my back, and, honestly, I’m pretty scared. I’d like to think that I’m prepared for whatever lies ahead, but I still have major obstacles to overcome–namely, the fear of starting from the bottom. This includes contacting every fashion retail business owner, college admissions director, and magazine editor whose contact I can find, all to get that dream “Now We Here” Drake moment.

This also includes attending conferences, informational sessions, and “The Interview”. And no, I don’t mean The Interview as in the comedy. I mean “THE Interview”–different for every individual. The Interview could be for anything from colleges to scholarships to your dream job. And in any case, under any circumstances, The Interview is terrifying. 

So, to ease the pain of having to answer the question “how will you contribute to ______?”, I present to you my interpretation of the perfect outfit in which to “Face the Hounds” of the business world and otherwise–because the last thing you want to be worrying about is what to wear. 


“Dress for the job you WANT, not the one you HAVE.” ~Sam Ramsey

One of the biggest things you have to remember about presenting yourself in front of those you don’t know you and who could possibly control your future is to accurately represent yourself in the way you dress. For me, this means coordinating the HECK out of my ensemble and using black and white patterns (in this case, houndstooth) to my advantage.

…you see what I did there? Houndstooth? “Facing the Hounds”?

…(I’m so sorry.)


This shirt is actually an old show shirt from when I used to compete in horse shows. It’s clean cut, smart, sharp, and matches the pants to a T. Now, I’ve styled it for regular day wear, meaning that if I were to actually wear this to an interview, I’d button up and roll down the sleeves to a single-fold.


Also, I just HAD to try the famous J-Crew fold at least once. Review–obsessed.

If you want pants like the ones I have here, Goodwill is literally drowning in them. Just make sure you’ve patched up any damages before wearing them to the conference room.


Anyone who knows me personally knows that I have this type of trousers in any and every print imaginable–they’re just so timeless and white collar-esque that I can’t help but force them back into the spotlight of business fashion.

Now I stress again, this is just my interpretation of an interview outfit. If it’s not you, DON’T WEAR IT. The least you can do in an interview situation is to make yourself as comfortable and confident in yourself as possible. For me, low cut pants make me feel self conscious most of the time. High waisted pants make me more comfortable, and, as a result, more confident. It’s all about what will allow you to be your best self.


This “be 100% YOU!” deal is so incredibly important–but so is being 100% invested in whatever goal you are trying to achieve when presenting or interviewing. You want that job? Dress like you already work there. You want to be a student at that college? Dress like you’re a staff member. The way you dress is not only a reflection on your personality, but also a reflection of just how serious you are about making that early admissions list or getting that scholarship money. So be yourself, but be respectful of your environment. No crazy makeup, no crazy colors. Black and white is certain, reliable, definite, and strong. This is what colleges and employers are looking for.


And, finally, whatever you choose to wear to The Interview must accentuate your skills, not distract from them. This somewhat involves all the previous tips. Regardless of how hard you plan your outfit, regardless how much you LOVE that bright pink skirt and jacket combo you wore in your beauty pageant the summer before, regardless of how cool you think you look in your studded cowboy hat or faux fur bolero–your prospective boss doesn’t want to have to pay attention to your clothes. He or she shouldn’t have to. Don’t let your own clothes upstage you and distract the interviewer from your true shining qualities–your amazing sense of humor, your ability to predict changes in the market, your extensive knowledge of physics, your problem solving skills, your ability to write and to sway. You put in all that work to get there, so show the interviewer that you belong there.

Alright, enough preaching. It’s look book time.









Case by Marc by Marc Jacobs.








Aaaaaand that’s a wrap! Good luck on that Interview.


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Thanks for waiting forever for a new style post! Really great stuff coming soon.

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March was the month of transitions for me. Everything from the drastic change in the weather to the closing of our school musical to my grades crashing and burning–nothing has been constant these past 31 days.

In the same uncomfortable stupor, I lacked any music to hold me through. My iTunes was selectively wiped (for the FIFTH time), nothing was appealing to me on the radio, my library resources were near exhaustion, and SoundCloud just wasn’t feeling my vibes. What else to do but turn to Spotify?

The most lovable feature on Spotify, in my opinion, is the mood/time/situation inspired suggested playlists. They’re a really great way to find new bands and artists in your desired genre and the perfect background music for your current mood. I found “Dontcha” by The Internet on one of my suggested evening drive playlists, and fell in love with the airy vocals paired with the R&B synth and playful guitar. I later on checked out the entire album, which, to my delight, gave a similar vibe to that original hit. My summer nights are no longer complete without this album, and I’m so glad I ran across it.

So even though this month has had its incredible highs and incredible lows, Feel Good still has me, well, feeling good.



Hopefully I will get to styling something this week. See you all soon!

Much love,



Dress–Nordstrom Rack. Blazer–Thrifted. Scarf–Target. Glasses–Earthbound Trading Co. Paddock Boots–Ariat. Jewelry–Thrifted/Gifted.

WYSLTWRT: Toro Y Moi “New Beat”

The infamous 2015 Tennessee Snowpocalypse rebooted yesterday, and this time around I decided to take advantage of my incredible location. And, in the absence of a February Favorites (honestly I hate Monthly Faves so much), I decided to showcase an outfit I have worn repeatedly in the past two weeks. That counts as a favorite, right?


The outfit itself gives off just as many confusing vibes as the weather surrounding it–I feel strong influences from Velma of Scooby Doo, hints of your stereotypical Parsons graduate, and the pungency of a freelance writer who listens to too much Tame Impala and reads too much Murakami.



Well, regardless of the outfit’s representation of how I spend my free time, the color scheme has been a real favorite of mine for as long as I can remember. I’m pretty sure I could make an outfit entirely consisting of the print on the blazer, with a bag and wallet to match. This blue/green plaid obsession rivals my black & white stripe addiction.


The star pin and the hourglass necklace were presents from my parents (thanks fam), while I found the seahorse pendant in a used costume store. They were all just so weird and random that I couldn’t resist putting them together. The jet black velvet skater dress is a perfect base for the bling and my green scarf.


My cat actually chewed off one of the laces in my right shoe, so I had to make do last minute. Thanks Frita.


I used the same curling method as I did in my previous style post, since I literally have no idea what else to do with my awkwardly growing hair, and donned a faded berry color on  my lips. Since I’m wearing these glasses, I only shaded my lash line with a little bit of brown rather than doing really dramatic eyes. I don’t want my face to look like a battleground.

And yes, the glasses are fake. They are an accessory, and please get over yourself.


So, to encapsulate the outfit in one phrase: the look is pretty freaking meta, and I’m so in love with it.

Enjoy the lookbook!













And to finish off, here’s my house.

I hope you’re as into this look as I am :)

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