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Wrap around dress--American Eagle. Crochet Vest--Thrifted. Moon Necklace--Gifted. High-Tops--Converse.
Wrap around dress–American Eagle. Crochet Vest–Thrifted. Moon Necklace–Gifted. High-Tops–Converse.

WYSLTWRT: Moonchild “Just a Minute”

Hello! It’s been what–months?–since I last made a style post. Scheduling has taken on a whole new level of difficult in college. I will be shooting on campus very soon, so stay tuned for that. Until then, however, I hope that some scenes of Franklin will tide you (and me) over. It’s good to b home, for just a minute.


Today’s lookbook isn’t all that big, because there’s not much to show. This outfit is my way of transitioning out of summer and into fall, as I no longer have to sweat my life away and can actually spend time outside. The American Eagle dress pictured is actually a wraparound type. It’s fairly flimsy but I think it works well for weather in the mid-70’s. Don’t trust the clasp though–this dress is held together with fabric tape.


I’ve become increasingly fascinated with the bell sleeve trend this season, and I already own two dresses and a shirt where the sleeves absolutely steal the show. In the breeze, little details like these are killer.

The crochet vest is more to show that I actually styled this than anything else. I must have had this vest since middle school, maybe earlier. My mom’s a big fan of it.



My moon necklace is a gift from the wonderful people at AGORA in Downtown Nashville! They are such wonderful people, and sell the most beautiful jewelry and glass decorations, located right next to Butler’s Run on 2nd Avenue North. Thank you!

I didn’t do anything to my hair or face, save for Lolita II on my lips and Jenn Im x ColourPop Cosmetics “Jenn-e-se-quoi” on my eyes. That’s another thing about college: makeup becomes somewhat irrelevant. The whole “college girls wear less makeup” is actually a thing, even for me! Also, shaving is a total joke.


I finished the look with my old beat up Converse because A) I currently resent heels and B) the shoes have gone from white to such a muted dirty tan that they go great with earth tones.

A little pop-up library just outside downtown Franklin.
A little pop-up library just outside downtown Franklin. It is in desperate need of more substantial literature.






That’s all for this look! Again, expect some new Emory locations within the next two months!

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