My name is Erin Oquindo. I’m a Filipino-American writer from Nashville, Tennessee studying Interdisciplinary Studies at Emory University in Atlanta, with a concentration in diversity in advertisement and entertainment media.

So: what is Project Maganda? What does it mean, and for what does it stand?

The word “maganda” means “beautiful” in Tagalog, my father’s native language. “Project Maganda” literally translates to “Project Beautiful.” While I personally don’t speak Tagalog, I wanted this blog to have a connection to as many facets of my life as possible, including my ethnic background. Since I’m mixed, having the connection my Filipino side was really important to me when conceptualizing this website.

Project Maganda (or PM for short) is a blog dedicated to encouraging self love, challenging the standardized image of beauty in the media, and showcasing underrepresented people groups such as people of color, plus size individuals, and those with varying sexualities and gender identifications.

This blog was created first as a personal journal to normalize my own physique to myself, as I began writing in August of 2013 after recovering from an eating disorder. From these writings, I’ve formulated a plan to turn this blog into a full-blown publication that focuses on the same things this blog does, but with more resources, more coverage, more more more. That’s the dream.

So, thanks for joining me. Let’s see where this takes us.

Much love,


BUSINESS INQUIRIES: erinkaelie@gmail.com

6 thoughts on “About”

  • Holy-moly!… You “brung” it in rehearsal on Friday, Erin. You are a courageous actor, just as you are a courageous woman. These are important issues you are sharing, and you are sharing them with a vulnerable and loving wit.

    Again, you are simply courageous – with mad skills.

    With gratitude, Andy

    • Andy! Your support as both a director and as an adult to whom I look up to in life is greatly appreciated. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for everything. It is an absolute privilege to work with you.


  • I saw you out today. You had a captivating presence, and, as you were parked by me, I took note of your web address. So glad to see you have as much substance as one might hope. Not all women so beautiful on the outside have your soul and ambition. God bless.

    • Thank you! Your kind words are very appreciated, and I’m glad the bumper stickers are doing their job :). I just checked out your BandCamp website as well, and I really like the work you’ve put out. Keep putting out great music!

  • Hello there magandang babae! 🙂 I hope you understand those two filipino words. You stumbled upon my instagram account then saw there’s a filipino word on your site name, so I checked your blog right away. I already read your story and learned that your dad was also a filipino. You’re also my kababayan. Haha. Well, keep on inspiring people. This blog is very maganda, for sure. 🙂

    xx Diana

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