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Shirt and Shoes--Thrifted. Skirt--$25, Pangea.
Shirt and Shoes–Thrifted. Skirt–$25, Pangea.

WYSLTWRT: Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. “We Almost Lost Detroit”

I’m back! And in being back, I wanted to show you guys an outfit that is so incredibly me that it hurts. There’s nothing more I love than stripes, black and white, and clunky black shoes. It’s just who I am.


When you have such a sharp look like this (and when I say sharp I mean that both pieces are very defined in their color scheme and pattern. There is no gray area here) you want to compliment that with sharp makeup as well. I chose to do a huge liquid liner for my eyes and a bright pink stick for my lips.

If you’re really itching for a pop of color, you can use your lips or your nails. I have a really bright peach/blood orange on my fingers form O.P.I. right now and it’s a great contrast to the monochromatic look.



The shirt is a very boxy fit and the shoes are basically work boots–this helps keep the outfit from being too dainty.









That’s today’s look! Let me know if you liked it.

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