Wandering Mind Series 7: The Asian-American Ally

Or, Questioning My Place In Racial Justice as a Minimally Marginalized Minority. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Lots of alliteration, huh? I find that when I haven’t written a piece in a while I tend to see alliterations roll off the fingertips as if I were a master of them in conversation. If you know me, however, you know that I am far from a master […]

The Windowsill/Kitchen/Bedroom/Lounge.

College Room Tour, Winter 2016

Hello friends! As promised, here is my partial room tour–partial in that my roommate Kat’s side is not included, because she was asleep when I took these photos. Early bird gets the publicity. Let’s begin! Pictured above is our windowsill and “The Kitchen.” The right cupboard and the left top dresser drawer are absolutely, 100% full of FOOD. Mountains of food. […]