Dark Was the Night, White Was the Ground

Steve Madden Jacket. Turtleneck--Thrifted. Burnt Sienna Riding Pant--American Apparel. Winter Boots--Thrifted.
Steve Madden Jacket. Turtleneck–Thrifted. Burnt Sienna Riding Pant–American Apparel. Winter Boots–Thrifted.

Listen To: The National “So Far Around the Bend”

(The title of this post is a reference to the album from which I chose this song.)

Snow snow snow snow snOW SNOW SNOW. I’M SO PUMPED.

Seeing as I will hopefully (fingers crossed until April 1st) be attending college in the North, I need to teach myself to get used to actual winter weather. And, being the wonderful school system that it is, WCS has given me ample time to practice by canceling school! How thoughtful.

To be honest, I love it. I’m sure the passion will fade after months of trudging to class in blistering cold weather, but I can let myself enjoy it for now, right?


I appreciate this jacket because it makes me feel like a tar covered Michelin Man without making me look like a tar covered Michelin Man. These things are important to me.


I bought these pants a few years ago. They’re perfect for winter–not only does the thick material keep my butt from freezing, but the magic of American Apparel sucks everything in (and with no camel toe either, mind you!). Make fun of me all you want; I love ’em.

The boots were a consignment sale score from years ago. They were so cheap, I got them as a “just in case” item, thinking that I would thank myself in due time. Well, past me: thanks. They’re wonderful.


I wear this turtle neck WAY too much, I admit. I have become frighteningly fond of the color gray.


My hair is parted into two side braids and pinned back, and the pieces that are too short fall out of their own accord. I’ve bewen wearing this style a lot, and I’m astonished by the number of people who think I’ve cut it again. My hair is literally so one dimensional that no one can see the braid :’-D. Sigh.

I opted for lighter makeup with my strongest brow stuff (Anastasia’s gel/pomade/whatever). Why put on eyeliner when it’s just going to get smudged by enemy snowballs? I opted for a subtle smoky eye instead, using my time to form my own ammo.

Snow2016FIN-6729 Snow2016FIN-6588

I almost called this post “Snow Place Like Home.” Be thankful that I spared you of second hand embarrassment.








I look like Sehun getting out of a car (calling all EXO fans)
I look like Sehun getting out of a car (calling all EXO fans).







This is probably the last winter where I can look back on this house and say “This is mine. I live here.” And that’s really scary. I’ll treasure the time that’s left.









Alrighty, that’s it for my winter adventure! You can of course stalk me to your heart’s desire on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, and Pinterest using @ProjectMaganda and #ProjectMaganda. I encourage it.

A new Wandering Mind post should be up with in the next two weeks–I’ll be uploading some college essays, I think.

Enjoy the weather wherever you are, and thanks for reading.

Much love,



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