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2013 was pretty good to me. If nothing else, it was definitely a year of big transitions for the better. PM has been going strong for 4 months now! I can’t tell you enough how much I appreciate the support.

Anyway, let’s move on to the products and items that helped me finish off the year with a bang.

For most of these items, I will embed the link in the photo so you can just click it and go!

1. Bedford Street Laundry Shorts

Shotcaller Snapback Shorts--$60, Bedford Street Laundry.
Shotcaller Snapback Shorts–$60, Bedford Street Laundry.

These shorts are ridiculously comfortable, and I’ve never seen anything like them before. I’ve  practically been living in them when just running around my house and sleeping. They have an easy zipper down the front, and a forgiving elastic waistband for those lazy pig-out days. I bought them from a nice boutique called Bedford Street Laundry, and they were worth every penny.

But that’s not the coolest thing about these shorts–if you look on the back, there’s also a snapback adjustment feature for those really lazy hefty pig out days. A really great investment if you’re willing to do it.


2. Chunky Platform Boots

Chunky Platform Boots--$(sale price) normally $140,
Chunky Platform Boots–$(sale price) normally $140,

I know these are probably the most expensive thing I’ve ever featured on PM, but I got a really great deal on these boots and they were totally worth the money I put into them. I seriously have been wearing these nonstop all of winter break, just because they go with practically everything I own. It’s almost becoming a problem, because these boots are making the rest of my shoe collection relatively obsolete. I just keep finding myself reaching for these babes to accompany most of my outfits. They’re definitely in my Ultimate Shoe Hall of Fame. (That’d be a really cool idea for a new post…hm.)

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3. Bulldog Speaker

Bulldog Speaker--$45, Urban Outfitters.
Bulldog Speaker–$45, Urban Outfitters.

This little guy was on my Christmas wishlist because I lacked a speaker in my room, and this was just a decorative piece while being functional at the same time. It’s just a little bronze-looking bulldog about the size of a  small tissue box with a little surprise in the back–a speaker that pumps out a pretty good sound for its size!

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I was actually pleasantly surprised at how good the quality of the speaker was. Thanks mom!

4. Embroidered Lipstick Pouch

Embroidered Lipstick Pouch–Gifted (Secret Santa)

This gorgeous pouch was a Secret Santa gift from my friend in choir, and it’s the perfect size and shape to keep my lipstick of the day in. It’s this beautiful maroon background with a gold and green  embroidery and little mirrored panels across the top and bottom.

016Unfold the little canoli of a pouch to reveal a zippered compartment perfect for my essential lip balm and any lipstick of my choice. If you’re reading this Meena, thanks so much!

5. Villainess Body Cream 

Villainess Body Cream in Pearl Diver Whipped!–$11, Whole Foods.

So I saw this really weird display when I was at Whole Foods (getting more of the soap I featured last month) That had all these creams and oils and such in really cool, 1800’s-esque diabolical packaging. I took a gander (“took a gander”?) at some of the creams, because I’m all about that lotion life. I ended up with the Whipped Body Cream in Pearl Diver, and it’s actually pretty cool. I’m not completely obsessed with it or anything, but it has a thicker texture than most lotions, and it’s worked pretty well on the rough spots on my skin. It looks like cream cheese smells like Play-Dough. That’s kinda it.

6. Burt’s Bees Night Cream

Sensitive Night Cream--$15, Publix.
Sensitive Night Cream–$15, Publix.

I’m totally obsessed with this night cream! It’s smooth, light, and takes all the irritation out of my face. I was in desperate need of some sort of nighttime remedy for my recent skin irritation, and this has been doing the trick. It’s a bit more expensive than most, but definitely worth the price.

Those are all my December Favorites! I have lots of new projects and developments coming up in this year of 2014, and I can’t wait to see where this year will take PM.

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