Don’t Drop That Dot Dot Dot


HEY it’s been a while, hasn’t it? My life has been absolutely crazy these past few weeks, what with play practice and an upcoming horse show.

Anyway, on to the outfit!

As we inch closer and closer to winter weather, my undying need for more sweaters and tights grow to a dangerous high. But despite all the new and exciting items in my closet, I always still find time to pay tribute to the classics. Everything I’m wearing I bought at least 1-2 years ago. The dress is from Forever 21, the sweater from Target, the tights from Anthropologie, and the shoes from Shoe Carnival. I know, classy, right?


IMG_8027 IMG_8037 IMG_8046 IMG_8044

IMG_8054 IMG_8063 IMG_8061

The tights and shoes are the true focal points of the outfit. I really like how the cut out on the shoe perfectly frames one of the dots on the tights.


So I got some feedback on my posts and found out that you guys prefer to see more pictures and a little less writing from me. Therefore, here is the accommodation for my rambling!

I have another outfit ready to post, but I’m waiting until the weather gets really nippy to put it up. Can’t wait for you all to see it! October Favorites are just around the corner, too.

Much love,


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