February/March Favorites

I’m back, with my favorite junk from February and March.

1. Vintage Coach Purse

My mom’s friend found this at a vintage shop in Nashville for only $26, and I have no idea how I survived without it. This bag is seriously everything to me right now. Ever since receiving this bag, I’ve only changed it out one time, max. It’s always at my side–the perfect shoulder bag. Thanks Mrs. Tracy!

Vintage Coach Purse--Gifted. Thrifted too.
Vintage Coach Purse–Gifted. Thrifted too.


2. Speckled Cardigan

As you all know, I have an unhealthy sweater and cardigan obsession. Due to my affinity for all things original and quirky, however, I too often fail to purchase reasonable basics for everyday use. This time, however, I found myself a diamond in the rough. F21 steals my heart once more with this slouchy speckled cardigan with dolman sleeves and a Brandy Mellville vibe.

Sorry for the weird light triangle.
Sorry for the weird light triangle.


It literally goes with everything. It’s difficult to put together an outfit now without throwing this on top, just because it’s so versatile and comfortable. My new favorite sweater!

3. Greek Newsboy Hat

My brother’s girlfriend took me to a Greek festival when I was about eight or nine years old, and bought me this newsboy hat that I absolutely adored (I was a huge hat-girl then. Still am.) Anyway, I have rediscovered this baby and, albeit the hat is now  a bit tight for me, it never left my head in the colder months. I sported this baby for basically all of February. Thank you Emma!

Greek Hat--Greek Festival, Gifted.
Greek Hat–Greek Festival, Gifted.

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4. Foster the People: Supermodel

Torches changed the way I perceived music as a genre. Now Supermodel is challenging what I believe about my personality in relation to social media and today’s culture. The album is heavily guitar driven, with new electronic sounds unique to the band as well as Mark Foster’s unmistakable vocals. Every song’s message is more thought out than in the band’s previous album, and the entire package itself is just an artistic improvement. The album forces you to think about the forms of communication available to us today, and how that has changed the way people look, act, think, and live their daily lives. 10 out of 10 highly reccommend.

CD--$10, Barnes and Noble.
CD–$10, Barnes and Noble.


You will see music spotlights from this album, most likely.

That’s all! I finally got finished with this post. Honestly, I feel like this post was the last obstacle I had to overcome to get back on track with the blog. April obviously has a new set of challenge for me, but I’m prepared to take on the worst of it. Wish me luck, and keep reading!

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