Five Spring Outfits

Or, What I Wore In Florida this week.

Hóla! Long time no blog. I already regret saying that.

Anyways, I was give the opportunity to go vacationing on 30A for the first time last week in a rented beach house at Sea Grove with some amazing friends (thank you Capeling family!). The trip was full of crashing waves, gourmet popsicles, leisurely bike rides, drunken catcalls from suburban teen boys, and overpriced tee shirts. I loved it.

Not wanting to have too long a hiatus from style content, I asked my dear friend Leah to help me take pictures of my various Florida looks. So, without further ado, here are my five fun Florida…fabrics?

…I should have given up alliteration for Lent.


Cropped Button Down--Thrifted. Olive Palazzo Pants--???
Cropped Button Down–Thrifted. Olive Palazzo Pants–???

So I accidentally deleted the full-body shot of this outfit, which I’m honestly fine with since I wasn’t a huge fan anyway. This look was super comfy though; the cropped button-down with a built-in 90’s knot kept me super cool and was thick enough that I could wear my swimsuit underneath without looking…lumpy.

Fishbone Sandals--UO.
Fishbone Sandals–UO.

I got to break out my fishbone sandals again and I couldn’t have been more excited. They’re easy, comfortable, and go with absolutely nothing–coincidentally, making them somehow an irresistible addition to almost all my spring and summer outfits.


Men's Button Down--Thrifted. Floral Skirt--Thrifted. Black Lace Shorts--Target. White Sneakers--Target.
Men’s Button Down–Thrifted. Floral Skirt–Thrifted. Black Lace Shorts–Target. White Sneakers–Target. Corduroy Baseball Cap–UO.

On Tuesday, we biked to Seaside for the first time. Going in to town, I (for God knows what reason) felt it necessary to wear as many mismatching items as humanly possible. Thus, my Tuesday shorts+skirt+swimsuit+button down+ corduroy cap look was born!


This shirt has a bit of an oversized fit, so I opted for yet another 90’s knot. How unfortunate.


Since the skirt was a little short and we were biking everywhere that day, I decided to throw some of my black lace shorts on underneath. I have an ivory pair as well, and they both served me a great deal over the course of the week.


I’m Keds knock-off trash.


Black Romper–Target. High-neck Swim Top–Target. Sunglasses–random Seaside shop. Faux Denim Slip Ons–Old Navy.


Wednesday was honestly the best day of the whole week; the weather was beautiful, the moon was full, and the waves were high. Also biking. I don’t know if you guys have picked this up yet, but I. Love. Biking. So much. I had to cop a couple of photos on my trusty rented cruiser for this outfit.


I kept the top of the romper open for this look, because the swim top is a statement in and of itself. The outfit was cool, easy, and comfortable. Rompers are actually an awesome option for both travel and swim cover-ups.


Ahahahhahahaha I love biking.


Cropped Patterned Top--Thrifted. Crochet Bralette--Perspicasity. High Waisted Jeans--H&M. White Sneakers--Target.
Cropped Patterned Top–Thrifted. Crochet Bralette–Perspicasity. High Waisted Jeans–H&M. White Sneakers–Target.

Thursday’s outfit was by far my favorite. We didn’t go into the ocean that day because of weather, but we headed over to Destin for mini golf and go-karts. This look was a winner in my book.



Since the crochet top is a bit revealing, I threw over this weird semi-cropped button down top with cool sun-like details.



These jeans cost me less than $15 and they’ve already proved more useful than some of my most expensive pairs. Highly recommend.



Men's Button Down--Thrifted. Loose Beach Dress--Target.
Men’s Button Down–Thrifted. Loose Beach Dress–Target. No shoes–sorry ’bout it!

This last look is basically me exhausting my resources at the end of the week. We were out in the ocean all day on Friday, so I felt no need to have too intense of an outfit going on.


Same old, same old.
Same old, same old.


This dress is normally really shapeless, but the button down breaks it up and gives me more of a waist.


Thanks Leah for being my honorary photographer for the week!


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Thanks for being so patient! More outfits to come as we approach the long-awaited summer 🙂

Much love,


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