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I’ve been meaning to do this for a while now, but only just got around to it. Basically there are a few things that might be confusing if you’re a first time reader here at Project Maganda that I want to clear up real quick, just so we’re all on the same page.

Lo and behold, the FAQ’s!


1. How Do You Pronounce “Maganda”?

“Maganda” is pronounced “Mah(as in the slang for mother)-gan(imagine a jamaican person saying the word “gun”)-dah(like at the end of panDA)”.

Everything is pretty tall and emphasis is put epecially on the end syllable “da”.

2. What Does “Project Maganda” Mean?

“Maganda” is the Tagalog (or Filipino) word for “beautiful”. So Project Maganda literally translates to Project Beautiful.

3. What’s that WYSLTWRT That’s at the Beginning of All Your Style Posts?

WYSLTWRT is my acronym for “What You Should Listen To Whilst Reading This”. Basically what I do is I pick a song that matches the theme of my outfit and I put a link to that song at the beginning of every post, labeled “WYSLTWRT”. What YOU’re supposed to do is click on that link and listen to the song as you read the corresponding post and see the outfit. This is to give you an additional sensory experience during your reading. My WYSLTWRTs are anything from what I was listening to while putting together the outfit, shooting, editing, or just something that embodies what inspired the outfit itself. The whole purpose is to give you guys another feel for the essence of the outfit.

4. Who Takes All Your Photos?

For style posts, my dad takes the photos of me. Anything outside of that (Monthly Faves, Personal Blog, etc.) are all photos taken by me.

5. Are You Using Blogspot?

No. This website is run with the help of WordPress.

6. Are You Sponsored By Any Clothing Companies?

No. All of my favorites and things I wear I have purely by preference only and all recommendations I make are purely from my personal love of the product or company. I will let you guys know if I partner up with any companies in the future.

7. Can I Model For You?

I am currently in the process of putting together a possible project that would involve multiple models, but I will pick them myself. So, to answer your question: maybe, but there will be no formal casting call for any models nor will my chosen models be payed.

8. Are You Planning On Working With Other Photographers In the Future?

Yes! I’ve been in contact with other photographers who just want to get more experience under their belt and broaden their horizons, and those endeavors should begin around next year possibly.

9. Will You Ever Start a Youtube Channel?

Possibly. If at all, it won’t be until college. I just don’t have the time nor resources at the moment to keep up with a YouTube channel, so that will have to wait.

10. Are You Making Money Off PM Right Now?

No. Not yet.

If you have any other questions, feel free to comment on any of my posts and I will be sure to check it out.

Thanks for reading! Hope that answers at least some inquiries you may have had about me and Project Maganda.

Much love,



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