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Jacket, Skirt, and Top: H&M. High Neck Bralette--Aerie. Sam&Libby Boots and Mossimo Bag--Target.
Jacket, Skirt, and Top: H&M. High Neck Bralette–Aerie. Sam&Libby Boots and Mossimo Bag–Target.

Things are warming up down in Tennessee, but my wardrobe hasn’t quite gotten the memo. I have this horrible habit of coming up with fantastic fall outfits at the dawn of summer and superb summer outfits at the first fallen leaf. So, without further ado, here’s my perfect-for-fall-adequate-for-summer look, paying its respects to those gloriously crisp October mornings on a warm and sleepy June afternoon.

(also known as: how to fake people at the library into thinking you’re naked by wearing all tan.)


Regardless of the temperature, this dusty Attack on Titan-esque jacket has yet to leave my sight. I bought it at H&M just before work because I was cold beyond belief (when will I learn that I’m literally always cold?) and it’s become one of my most ironic summer staple pieces.


This faux suede skirt is going to be great for music camp; very little mobility and a lot of room for slip-ups. Whatever.


These booties (ew) have been a go-to shoe for me for a couple of years now, and they’ve yet to fail me. They’re holding up pretty well.


Perks of buying your mom a new purse for her birthday: she gives you her old one! This is big enough for, like, seven books. Or maybe a couple pies. I could make it work.


This bralette is a gift from the Lord above. Funny thing about working at a bra store: you wear bras less and less over time. I realized that literally all three of my bosses wear bralettes almost exclusively. And after getting this one, I sort of get it. It feels like those plastic nets that you can get melons in at the market.

Wait…no, wait, yeah. It’s exactly like that.


Since shooting this look, I’ve gotten my hair cut at an ACTUAL salon, as opposed to the aggravated 11pm haircuts of which I’ve become so fond. Kept the bangs, but got a trim; R.I.P. my ponytail. Is it vain to get ponytail envy looking at pictures of yourself?

Anyway, I took to a full coverage foundation because I thought it would be fun to see what it would look like if I were made of wax and was lit on fire. Added a heckuva lot of bronzer to contour, and actual did liquid eyeliner again for the first time in months. And PSA: Kat Von D liquid lip in Lolita will always be my favorite, unless someone convinces me otherwise (@JeffreeStar).

Come to think of it, I wore a ton of makeup for this look.

Don’t take me swimming on the first date. My face will melt off, and I’ll drown. Actually, don’t ask me out at all. High key taken. Lo siento, muchachos.
















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