I’ve actually had a sinus infection for a week and a half and have had to push my entire schedule for the blog back. My calender is all jammed and I have nothing to show you all fashion wise. But while I was killing time in bed and such, I came across some things I just had to share and couldn’t wait until the end of the month. Again, sorry for the dead time and sorry for all the music I’ve been throwing at you.

If you payed any attention to my Summer Playlist post (previous) and you took an interest in Toro y Moi, Breakbot, Cashmere Cat, Flume, Cherub, Disclosure, listen to Giraffage’s remix of R Kelly’s “Ignition”.

Well, not really. This is kind of confusing but R Kelly made his own remix to the original song, complete with its own music video and completely different lyrics. So…this is technically Girraffage’s remix to R Kelly’s remix of R Kelly’s song. I think. Anyway.

This track has made me want to get up and dance with everything I’ve got (even when I couldn’t) but nevertheless. Listen to it here.

ok just found out that giraffage is pretty cute ok bye
ok just found out that giraffage aka Charlie Yin is pretty cute ok bye


If you, like me, are interested in fighting your way to supreme ruler of a fashion business empire, then you need to read #GIRLBOSS by Sophia Amoruso. Sophia is the founder and CEO of Nasty Gal, a 100 million dollar fashion retailer that started off as a vintage eBay shop. Her story is all about her climb to the               top, the skills needed to succeed in ANY business, and how success is an endpoint to which there are many paths. Super cool.

the book cover. #GIRLBOSS for life.

the book cover. #GIRLBOSS for life.

Visit http://tedxyouthfranklin.com/how-to-attend/apply-here to apply to see me and four other youth to speak on September 27th at the Factory in Franklin.

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