July/August Favorites

I literally have none. Like I don’t know what happened, I just literally did not gravitate toward anything, didn’t buy anything. Completely stagnant.

Here’s a measly compilation of two things I like. Bleh.

1. Spotify


This app actually has been amazing for discovering, sharing, and saving music. I know I’m super late on the bandwagon for this, but I had been a huge Grooveshark nerd for years and am only now starting with spotify. Shoutout to my friend Destin for letting me share his account.

2. Moderat: II Album


I picked this album up in the library because I liked the cover, not knowing anything about the band. Best. Decision. Ever. I strongly encourage you all to check out this album, specifically the tracks “Bad Kingdom”, “Versions”, and “Gita”. So in love.


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Sorry this is crap. Good stuff coming up.

Much love,


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