Letting Off Steam

Army Jacket--Thrifted. Lace Coverup--Thrifted. Tank Top--Urban Outfitters. Shorts--Urban Outfitters. Jewelry--Earthbound and F21. Shoes--Urban Outfitters. Headband--Target.
Army Jacket–Thrifted. Lace Coverup–Thrifted. Tank Top–Urban Outfitters. Shorts–Urban Outfitters. Jewelry–Earthbound and F21. Shoes–Urban Outfitters. Headband–Target.

WYSLTWRT: Panic! At The Disco feat. LOLO “Miss Jackson”

There was this one really hot day where it rained in the early afternoon and then stopped abruptly, leaving steam on the streets. I put together a kind of whispy summer outfit to go with what it was like outside, and here we are.

This jacket used to be pretty long (you saw it before in my collab with TheMStudio’s Katherine Mills). but I hacked it off to make it almost-cropped and show off the lace layer underneath.


Levels play a big role in this look. If everything had been at the same level, the outfit would have been boring and flat. Quick tip: If  your outfit seems bland, tuck in your shirt half way, add a layer that plays with different levels, or throw on a cropped jacket. In this case, I did all three.


I mixed my metals here too. I’ve recently become a fan of integrating gold and silver into my looks. Again, more level play.


A smokey eye and gold braided headband finish off the look. I’m so happy I can wear headbands again–my long hair and headbands did not work well together.


Hope you enjoyed this look!

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