Mom Jeans and Pirate Shirts

Or, Reasons Why I Don’t Have a Boyfriend.

Top–gifted. Army Shirt–Army Surplus. Mom Jeans–Thrifted. Necklace–Gifted. Converse–Converse. Pins–Thrifted. Bag–Target.

WYSLTWRT: Tears for Fears “Everybody Wants to Rule the World (Just A Gent Remix)”

“I dress to be funny.”

~Madeline Pendleton

Hey, it’s been over a month since I did a style post. It took a long time, but all the stars finally aligned–there was a lapse in the freezing rain, I had time, my photographer (a.k.a. Dad) had time, and the camera was all charged up and ready to go. Finally.

This winter break, I was feeling the stress. I’m a very routine person, so I find comfort in monotony rather than boredom. Having a break from school, albeit nice in its own way, makes me extremely anxious nevertheless. I break out, I can’t sleep, and I just in general am lost most of the day. So, in order to make everything else as easy for myself as possible, I have avoided wearing skinny jeans for two whole weeks. Leggings, shorts, dresses, boyfriend jeans, you name it–plus these babies. My one and only pair of the infamous “mom” jean. There are literally still 80’s creases in the leg that I cannot get out, but I’m not sure I want to.

There’s just something about them though; they’re very tight on the waist, but loose everywhere else. They taper towards the bottom but never actually latch on to my legs. The fabric is so stiff I’m hesitant to even attempt at distressing them. They’re horridly ugly.

I love it.

Also, they’re the ultimate booty concealer. I’m fairly sure I have a butt but (lol butt but) these pants would argue otherwise. 

SO: How does one balance out the cankle-simulating, bottom-swallowing mom jeans of doom?


You put on a freaking pirate shirt.

I have absolutely no recollection as to where in the world this shirt came from, but I do know my mom bought it for me and therefore I list it as gifted. Either way, it’s an extremely loose white button down that’s a perfect background for statement necklaces and just enough ridiculousness to be added to this outfit.


I did a quick 90’s knot so all that extra fabric didn’t add to the frump fest.

Again, booty love.


This actually reminds me so much of Kai’s shirt from the EXO’s music video for “Overdose”, what with the huge sleeves and all. I’m kind of okay with it.


Shoutout to my friend Sejal for getting me this awesome necklace as a Secret Santa gift (this is the same gift package that had my icon necklace from my December faves btw) and I absolutely love it. It adds a necessary texture to the outfit.


You guys have seen this jacket before, back in June of this year, but I’ve added a couple of pins this time to up the interest.

All the patches are original.



This is actually a USO pin that I poked through an extra Build-A-Bear heart that I had for no reason.
This is actually a USO pin that I poked through an extra Build-A-Bear heart that I had for no reason.




The bag is a ratty old thing I got from Target years ago, but it’s still one of my favorites. All of the zippers are broken and I ripped it at school one day, but it still does its job and I’ve probably owned it longer than any of my other bags.



I went very minimal on makeup because why bother when you’re wearing these pants? I also left my hair as-is.




Always do your eyebrows, though. Under no circumstances should you ever not do your eyebrows.



Oh, underneath I have a black caged bra from Urban Outfitters. The shirt is see through anyway and I REALLY hate tank tops, so I figured I would just go big or go home.


dem LEGS






Alrighty. There ya go.

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Thanks for waiting, and HAPPY FIRST STYLE POST OF 2015!

Much love,



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