Monthly Favorites: June

Wow, I’m actually doing a Monthly Favorites on the first of the next month. Who-da-thunk-it.


Not a lot this time around because, well, not much has been happening.

1. Crosley Portable Record Player

Ooh, how I have dreamed of having one of these. I had been planning on waiting until college to snag one, but my mom decided to give me a super early graduation gift! I already adore it. It’s incredibly light and easy to carry around if I need, and works just as well as any other player.


And in orange too! Seriously, I don’t know why but blood orange and peachy orange are weaknesses for me. Any other shade and I’m out the door. Sorry, Tennessee. But ew.

2. Arctic Monkeys AM Album||Panic! At The Disco Too Weird To Live, Too Rare To Die! Album


I have this sort of rule about having opinions, because I will be the last one to intentionally step on anyone’s toes with my opinions or to be called out as wrong or just be at a disadvantage in any way.

My rule is simply this: never say you hate something unless it directly conflicts with your beliefs as an individual or a member of a religious group. I almost NEVER say I hate something unless it’s obviously wrong–as in, I obviously hate slavery, manipulation, and so on. But to say I hate something out of my opinion (like how I just said I hated orange, lol) rarely happens, and when it does, I’m usually dead-set on my opinion and have been for years. I would never outrightly say I hate country music, even thought I really do dislike i–


I was like that with strong alternative–punk–pop punk-ish stuff. But, once again, I realize I made my anti-hate rule for a reason: I was proven wrong again, and made a fool of myself. P!ATD has grabbed my attention and keeps reeling me in and out, in and out. I love it, but I hate it out of principle, but I love it. This album has me singing all hours of the day.

FOR THOSE OF YOU WHO ARE ABOUT TO STRANGLE ME, I AM NOT REFERRING TO THE ARCTIC MONKEYS AS A POP PUNK BAND. There. I had a tousle on Instagram for that slip-up. Arctic monkeys, with their guitar driven album that has a sort of stripped, garage band-y feel is totally rocking my summer. Don’t just buy it because it looks good on your bedsheets next to your XX album. Buy it, and listen to it.

(btw not bashing the XX either–just saying what we were all thinking)

3. Totoro Wallet

I’ve talked about Studio Ghibli before in my review/overview of Miyazaki’s The Wind RisesOne of their best known films, My Neighbor Totoro, adorns my old wallet I got as a gift back when I didn’t even really carry a purse. I have resurrected the wallet to replace my smaller one (because my stacks of cash are too fat. Haha.) I’m broke.


It’s an adorable little number. Glad I brought it out of hiding.


4. iPhone Case

I’m super OCD about coordinating things like my phone and my case. My case was light gray and teal, which didn’t go with the rose gold on my phone, and just bugged the snot out of me in general. Total first world problem. But that aside, I have found an $9 remedy to my problem (thanks Poshmark) and got this rose gold case that kind of imitates and otter box, but it’s not ugly or bulky.


Plastic over rubber, the color scheme is right, and my phone is safe. Happy girl right here.


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Thanks again for reading! Another outfit is lined up to take the stage, so stay tuned. I might also have a special post for y’all, not sure yet. I need to iron out the details.

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