Music Spotlight: Alpine “Gasoline” (Mystery Skulls Remix)

*blows dust off of keyboard*


There’s a little thing we get a lot of down here in Tennessee around the winter time that prevents me from doing my job called rain. I have been rained out of four photo shoots this past week. Yeah, FOUR. Praying for a little sun to come my way before the break is over; I’ve practically forgotten what it’s like to have a clear day.

In the meantime, I have a song I want you guys to listen to. It’s called “Gasoline” by the band Alpine, remixed by Mystery Skulls.

A couple of weeks ago, I was searching for Christmas presents for my mom in a local Franklin jewelry store, and the original version of this song was playing in the background. The airy voices paired with hearty synth and simple guitar lines immediately caught my attention. On my way home, I searched the song and found a number of reworks and remixes on Soundcloud.

Mystery Skulls did a fantastic job of remixing the song by adding an amazing drum build up and amping up the playful synth. The actual structure of the song wasn’t really messed with, which I respect a lot. He cut out one bit of the bridge that I kind of miss, but otherwise the remix is lovely. I’m officially in love with both the original and its rework. Don’t know much about the band Alpine itself, but I’m definitely going to check them out.



November/December favorites have already been shot, so I’ll edit and post ASAP. Hopefully the new year will show us some sun so I can get more outfits out to you guys! Thanks for your patience.

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