Music Spotlight: bo en “miss you”

It was actually really hard for me to pick a Music Spotlight for this round. I have been debating the idea of introducing my readers to K-Pop, but I just don’t think I’m quite well-enough established to do that just yet. But be prepared, because it’s coming. Soon.

The reason I don’t do Music Spotlights all that often is because if I did as many as I truly wanted to do, my entire post feed would completely be made up of Music Spotlights, and that’s not what PM really is. The true purpose of Music Spotlight is to bring attention, or to “spotlight” new music I come across within the last couple of months that deserve a larger audience, so a lot goes into consideration when I’m choosing songs to feature. I may pick a song based on the quality of the actual song, originality of the video, or the artist’s message. Today, it’s all about the groove.

You may be familiar with bo en’s “miss you” if you watched Jenn Im’s vlog recounting her recent trip to Korea on her YouTube channel ClothesEncounters. I took great interest in this particular tune while watching the video and, upon hearing the entirety of the track, I am thoroughly immersed in the joy that it emanates. It’s just one of those songs that tightens your heart, gives you a tingly feeling at the top of your spine,  and practically forces you to laugh at how happy it is.

It’s hard for me to peg where I imagine myself when I listen to this sound. I could see myself in the middle of a huge field, or under the city night sky, with all its bright lights and shady characters. But the more and more I listen to “miss you”, the less I can pinpoint it. It’s literally applicable to every setting. Well, every fun and happy setting. Definitely wouldn’t blast this in a funeral home.

Well, knowing me, maybe I would.

It’s really a stellar track–well done, bo en. Well done. Click the photo to listen to the song, or just click here for the link.

bo en miss you


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December Favorites will most likely go up New Year’s Day, so this is the last post of 2013! I just want to thank everyone who has supported me in this project. Special shoutout to my friends for being avid readers and enthusiastic cheerleaders, my mom for tolerating my never ending incoming flow of ridiculous platform shoes, and my dad, for basically running the show behind the scenes and taking lots of pictures of my dorky self. I know it’s cliché, but it’s true: without you, this wouldn’t have been possible. I have many surprises for the new year, and I can’t wait for where this will take us.

See you in 2014!

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