Music Spotlight: Franz Ferdinand “No You Girls”

I found it really hard to pick just one song to feature in my August Monthly Favorites post the other day, and I felt as though I was cheating my readers out of discovering some really great music. As a remedy, I’ve decided to show you all what I listen to and occasionally become obsessed with over the course of this year.

The first song I want to feature is “No You Girls” by Franz Ferdinand. Think 80’s vocals meets 90’s party meets 60’s greaser image–You can really stomp your feet to it and belt the lyrics without a single care for delicacy. You all know those songs, the ones where the punk-and-funk groove forces you to get up and dance with your friends. Franz Ferdinand pulls a lot of inspiration from preceding generations, making this song enjoyable for all ages. Plus, the bridge is totally an ode to MGMT’s album Congratulations.


The video itself is pretty cool too. The band (clad in leather jackets, sultry gazes, and just barely too much makeup) performs in the middle of a blank white room, surrounded by women in long drapes, each carrying a video camera while they dance. Throughout the video, the film cuts from the big picture to the perspective of one of the dancer’s cameras. It periodically causes a minor case of motion sickness, but an interesting concept nonetheless. You can view the music video here.



That’s all for this Music Spotlight! Let me know what you think of Franz Ferdinand, and maybe comment some cool music you think I would enjoy. Thanks for reading!

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