Music Spotlight: OK Go

OK Go just came out with a new album, and it’s pretty awesome.


I’ve been a big fan of OK Go since their 2002 self titled album, and I’ve watched them evolve from dirty guitar riffs to treadmill dances to Rube Goldberg machines to choreographed dog shows to musical driving tests to (now) warehouses full of optical illusions. To say the least, OK Go consists of some of the most innovative minds in the Alt-Indie scene. But now, the four piece band seems to be inching towards a new sound–one with airy vocals, stripped down melodies, and farting bass notes. In other words–they’re not only a rock-turned-alt-indie band, they’re an rock-turned-electro-alt-indie band. And I can’t get enough of it. Welcome to Hungry Ghosts.

I love how you hear hints of what they used to put out in their earlier years (Of the Blue Colour of the Sky era). For the most part, they’ve kept the blown-out speaker feel and the major chord progressions accented by bell tolls–but they’ve also added darkened verses and deep, blasting electronic pulses. Needless to say, it’s mind blowingly epic.

So far, Hungry Ghosts has received a lot of love from the community. But there are a ton of long-time fans who argue that OK Go has “sold out” into the electronic obsession and want the band to return to their old rock vibe. I personally appreciate that they’re branching out: I consider it an evolution of the band rather than a sell-out. I mean, isn’t it silly to think that a band’s style wouldn’t change as their personalities and experiences do? We don’t have the same style of clothing even in a year sometimes, and music should be no different.

Listen to the album in Playlist mode here.

What do you think? Has OK Go lost their luster, or do you like seeing this new side of the band?

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