Music Spotlight: Saint Pepsi “Mr. Wonderful”


I have to admit something.

I’m in love with House Music.

If you want to get specific, I’m in love with MicroHouse Music, which is really difficult to explain.

Just think…minimalistic, mellow, and painfully repetitive electronic music.

Still don’t know what I’m trying to say? Listen to Saint Pepsi’s “Mr. Wonderful”. This is one of the most basic and yet mesmerizing micro MicroHouse tracks I’ve heard in a while, and I just can’t really focus on anything else when I listen to it. It’s like I zone out or something.

You know, it sounds a lot like the opening menu for the Wii. Remember that? I used to just idle on the menu and listen to the background music then, too. Whatever, I’m not a huge gamer.

If you want to hear some more DeepHouse, MicroHouse, or just all House stuff in general, I suggest looking up Pristine Tracks and Majestic on YouTube. They kill the MicroHouse comps.

Here’s “Mr. Wonderful” by Saint Pepsi on Pristine Tracks:


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