Music Spotlight: The KOXX “사랑춤”

Or, how not to drive a car.

Screenshot from the music video
Seriously. He drives with his feet at one point. 

“사랑춤”, meaning “Love Dance”, is infectious and addicting. There is such a summer nights/teenage angst vibe attached to the oddly familiar riff that just rips me up for some reason, and I adore that feeling.

The KOXX (no idea if this is a serious acronym or a drunken joke name) is a five piece korean indie rock band that has recently begun to play with electro-pop influenced sounds. Their music is fresh, tight, and extremely well thought out. I thoroughly enjoy listening to these guys.

BEFORE YOU ASK/COMMENT: The KOXX are not a Kpop group. They are a regular band just like any other, signed with Happy Robot Records. Everything you hear in the track is authentically created by these five people. There.

I’m just going to say it straight out–the music video is pretty gross. I’ve seen worse and weirder, but still. But please, please, do not discount the song because of the stupidity of the music video’s opening. This song is truly great and I really want you guys to give it a chance.

First of all, the song’s signature guitar riff is so so so so so good. It burns its way into your  brain right from the start, with that eerie echo in the background, then bam! The smooth vocals and casual drums come in, and ugh. It’s just so right. The drummer knows where to amp the interesting rhythms and the keyboardist and guitarist are totally locked into one another. So much perfection on this little track.

What I suggest is to listen to the song first, decide if you like it, then watch the music video. No judging based on poor directorial choices.


Music Video:


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