Music Spotlight: Trevor Wesley

So I went sledding on a twelve pack of diet cokes yesterday. It wasn’t exactly by choice, but I definitely had fun.

IN OTHER NEWS, cabin fever has been real here in Tennessee. With no school for an entire week, no leaving the house for a good four days, and nothing but music to entertain me, I was bound to make some discoveries. And what’dya know–nothing warms me up like some good ‘ole jazz.

Trevor Wesley has the tamber of Michael Bublé and the range of Justin Timberlake, but with a budget not even coming close to either artist. Somehow, however, the low budget production vibe gives his tracks part of their own special charm, and he manages to make it work in his favor.

His material is classic smooth jazz mixed with stank-face bass hits that hint toward major R&B influences without actually sounding like R&B, leaving the listener astonished at how he manages to hit that magical musical sweet spot every. Single. Time.

The first song I heard by Wesley was an adorable little number called “Chivalry is Dead”, thanks to Ian Eastwood’s dance duet with Megan Batoon. Maybe it was the dance, or the skit before the dance, or just the fact that Ian and Megan are adorable in and of themselves, but I instantly fell in love with the song. Naturally, I did some more research on Trevor’s music. I found his Soundcloud page and the rest is history.

My personal favorite tracks are “Down in Los Angeles”, “Finally”, and (obviously) “Chivalry is Dead”. Check him out!

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The style portion will revive itself once I have a reason to go outside aka when Nashville thaws.

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