Nashville Haul

Hey. I went shopping.

Here’s the stuffxxzzzzzfsss I bought from Urban Outfitters, Pangea, and BookMan||BookWoman.

But First, the WYSLTWRT: Young Triforce Cat Baron hi “2morrow” (◕‿◕ノ)ノ (◕‿◕ノ)ノ”

(If you have no idea what this is, go back and read my May 2014 Favorites.


~~~………………………..URBAN OUTFITTERS…………………………~~~



These tees are incredibly light and soft, so I figured I could wear them out for years. I’ve always been a huge fan of the eyes-on-you trend plus I barely wear any pattern but stripes, so. The eye shirt is more of an orange than red, even though it’s tough to tell. The red striped tee reminded me of Where’s Waldo–I’ll probably wear it on the Fourth of July.

UO Tees--2 for $24, UO.
UO Tees–2 for $24, UO.


The left one is orange, I promise.



Buying tank tops was actually my goal numero uno when I went to UO. But, knowing me, I barely ever walk out with what I expected to walk out owning. Luckily, this time around, I managed to check this off my list of Summer necessities.


The shirt is really loose and flowing, which will be great for music camp. I also love the slit up the side, because this means I can tuck in the front half without bunching the shirt up awkwardly along the side and back.




I believe the term for these pants are “Palazzo Pants”. My mom is hard core in love with these, and rightfully so. They are criminally comfortable and can be styled a crap ton of different ways. I’m really excited to wear these to camp too.

Disco/Festival/Lounge/Dressy Pants?????
Disco/Festival/Lounge/Dressy Pants?????

They don’t even look like pants. That is so cool.

I just realized that everything I bought at UO was red and white
I just realized that everything I bought at UO was red and white



I have been eyeing the blue version of these babies for a while, but it seems that the store is doomed to never having them in my size. But since I happen to be devoid of very many white/ivory things, I settled on getting these ivory pairs on sale instead. They fit like a dream (thanks BDG) and are beyond adorable.

This looks like the butt, but it's not.
This looks like the butt, but it’s not.

I really wanted to do a play on words and make a butt joke here but I got scared that people would think it was a grammatical error and assume I’m stupid when in fact I’m pretty well educated I just have a stupid sense of humor and I wanna be liked okay I’m sorry bye

Braided denim detailing on the pockets and waistband.
Braided denim detailing on the pockets and waistband.



There’s no rhyme nor reason to Pangea, so I’m just going to dive right in.


I normally kind of hate the regular skater skirts that you see everywhere, You know, the really stretchy cotton ones that come in colors that should never appear on the human body in such a form and in “tribal prints” made originally for high end strollers? Yeah, I hate those. I do, however, adore firm, interesting material in a circle skirt cut with a minimalistic pattern. That’s classy.

Striped Skater Skirt.
Striped Skater Skirt.

I had a hard core first world problem moment trying on this skirt. It has no zipper, so you actually have to physically unbutton like the first two or three to get in the skirt and I was very confused because I just assumed that the buttons weren’t real and there just had to be a zipper somewhere I was missing. But no, it’s just a good old fashioned piece of clothing. No zippers. Just me feeling like an idiot in a dressing room.




Pangea is queen of any and all things Frieda Kahlo. I personally love her myself, and just barely didn’t buy this about a month ago when I visited the store earlier. I kept a picture of this box with me too, I was so hung up on it. Now, like a month and a half later, it’s mine and I couldn’t be happier.




Gosh, I’m too excited about a stupid box.



This is just a cute little jewelry dish, nbd. I love the faded china design and it goes really well in my room.

haulweb-1526 haulweb-1525



I am somewhat of a collector of journals, which is kind of bad because I have only recently gotten in the habit of legitimately making regular entries in and finishing them. This blog is kind of a super long journal for me, so…yay for persistence.


For some reason I am fascinated by vintage botanical diagrams. I have almost bought so many prints of things like these pictures (and thinking back on it I probably will now). I don’t know what it is, but the look just appeals to me so much more than just a painting of a rosebush or something. This journal not only includes these diagrams on the cover, but dispersed inside of it as well.


I got this second  one because cats.

haulweb-1530 haulweb-1529

more cats.


If you haven’t been to BookMan||BookWoman, it’s this super old bookstore with both old and new books thrown about into long corridors and crappy wooden ramps and dilapidated alcoves. It’s incredibly small and yet so incredibly easy to get lost. It’s also one of those places where space is so tight that you’re somewhat forced to make friendly conversation, which I both hate with a passion and vaguely appreciate. Books, man.


I got three more Murakami. Not much to say about that.

That’s my haul from today! I need to restrain myself more, lol.

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I will see you all next time! Promise to show you all some outfits soon.

Much love,


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