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WYSLTWRT: Usher “U Don’t Have To Call (NΞHZVIL Remix)”

Sorry this post is a bit behind–I’ve had the pics for a while, but you know.

Since we’re FINALLY in the thick of fall, I thought I’d take this Monthly Faves Outside.

1. Sam&Libby Boots

Sam&Libby Boots--$40, Target.
Sam&Libby Boots–$40, Target.

I first got the camel pair of boots for a beginning-of-fall stomping shoe, but then fell so intensely in love with them that I went back and purchased a black pair for myself as well. These shoes are literally the most perfect ankle boot I have ever bought, and I’m so glad I have them in two colors now.

2. Room by Emma Donoghue


I actually borrowed this book from my speech team coach (shoutout to Mr. Grimes) to cut and turn into a piece to compete with in prose interpretation, but this book is incredibly entertaining, frightening, and mind-blowing. I would explain the plot, but there’s just so much to explain…if you want to experience what it’s like to face adult topics from the eyes of a child, this is the book for you.

3. Tears for Fears CD


My dad lent me this CD, and at first I wasn’t a fan, to be completely honest. But now, having tried out the CD in my car stereo, I feel a very teen-life vibe from this band and am enjoying their music quite a lot.

4. Aerie Perfume


I’m a sucker for new scents, especially florals. There was some sort sale going on and I ended up getting this bottle for free. Either way, it’s been a really nice light smell that’s completed my collection, at least for now. It’s a subtle floral smell, which contrasts the sharp scent of my D&G Light Blue and the heavy night air of my Lady Gaga Fame.

5. Soundcloud App



THIS APP IS EVERYTHING. You know how I always make my WYSLTWRTs remixes and stuff? Well now you can hear those tracks wherever you go with the Soundcloud app. There’s very few original tracks like you would get from Spotify or anything like that, but remix artists and just general casual electro artists put their stuff up here for everyone to hear. Costs nothing, the music is great, and it’s all around an awesome website, translated perfectly into a really well designed  app. Good job, Soundcloud.

Those are all my faves from October! Some new stuff coming soon.

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