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Today Marks the first installment of Project Real: an initiative dedicated to promoting body positivity and challenging the standardized image of beauty. My models/peers so graciously agreed to meet me a few weeks ago in Dragon Park in Hillsboro Village to take some photos and to introduce themselves to you, the readers. So, without further ado, let’s meet our Real Girls!

DragonParkWEB1-24   DragonParkWEB1-25

You know me, and you know all about me, so I won’t waste your time except to say that I’ve worked really hard on this project and so have a dozen other people, so I hope you enjoy the finished product.

DragonParkWEB1-101-2   DragonParkWEB1-145

Meet Chandler, Project Real’s co-producer and associate casting director (not to mention top-notch model). Her jobs included keeping me sane, reaching out to some of our models, being sassy, keeping me sane, helping organize events, keeping me sane, and keeping me sane. She has been an extremely valuable member of the team and this project wouldn’t be a reality without her. Her hard work and honesty are qualities I admire greatly. Did I mention she sort of kept me sane? Thanks a million, Chan!

DragonParkWEB1-42 DragonParkWEB1-43

Abi is probably the coolest person I know. Great taste in music, great taste in clothing, and an inspiring take on what it means to be a forward thinking woman. I’m the president of her fan club.

DragonParkWEB1-172 DragonParkWEB1-170

If you know Reagan, then you know that she’s cooler than you. If you don’t know her, take my word for it. She’s probably cooler than you. She’s a natural when it comes to modeling, and working with her was nothing short of an absolute pleasure.

DragonParkWEB1-37   DragonParkWEB1-107-2

I had the pleasure of becoming friends with Lexi through this project and I can safely say that she is probably one of the sweetest people I have ever met. She has such a big heart and she’s always down to help with whatever she can. Really wonderful girl.

DragonParkWEB1-166   DragonParkWEB1-40

I cannot find a single candid of Kathleen not smiling. The pictures where she isn’t smiling are when we had to ask her not to. And even then, you can tell it’s a struggle for her not to grin. She was such a joy to have as a part of the project and I’m so proud to call her my friend. Her happiness is infectious 🙂

DragonParkWEB1-106-2 DragonParkWEB1-104-2

Katherine is always one step ahead of me, both in style and in mind. She’s truly a modern woman and I can’t wait to see what she’ll do in the future! I’m glad to have her on the team.

DragonParkWEB1-135   DragonParkWEB1-133

Emme has this fun loving spirit and vivacious personality that can light up any room. I’ve never met a person who loved life as much as she, and she has been an absolute joy to work with!

DragonParkWEB1-93-2 DragonParkWEB1-91-2

Chloe is a dear friend of mine from church, and her insightful mind and self confidence are qualities I look forward to seeing every Sunday. Not to mention she’s always willing to help out. Love her to death.


Kathryn and I have been friends for a long time now, and I’m so happy that she agreed to model for Project Real! Her unique sense of style and individuality are refreshing and reflect just what it is to be your own woman.

DragonParkWEB1-135-2 DragonParkWEB1-136-2

Timid ladies beware! Caroline is a strong woman with a colorful personality and equally colorful hair. This beautiful girl takes the world by storm everyday and always knows what’s up. You rock, Caroline.

DragonParkWEB1-110-2 DragonParkWEB1-117-2

And last but not least, Ashley is one of the strongest women I know. She exudes a maturity that I can only hope to emulate, and her style is reflective of that. It was a pleasure getting to know her through this project.

Let’s take some time to admire these gorgeous ladies’ faces, shall we?

DragonParkWEB1-16-2   DragonParkWEB1-20-2 DragonParkWEB1-40-2



DragonParkWEB1-77-2 DragonParkWEB1-65-2 DragonParkWEB1-67-2 DragonParkWEB1-61-2 DragonParkWEB1-76-2



DragonParkWEB1-14 DragonParkWEB1-7

DragonParkWEB1-2 DragonParkWEB1-9

DragonParkWEB1-80 DragonParkWEB1-57

DragonParkWEB1-172 DragonParkWEB1-177

DragonParkWEB1-83 DragonParkWEB1-56

DragonParkWEB1-52 DragonParkWEB1-105-2DragonParkWEB1-23 DragonParkWEB1-36-2



DragonParkWEB1-2 DragonParkWEB1-3



DragonParkWEB1-56-2DragonParkWEB1-44-2 DragonParkWEB1-19-2



It’s been more of a journey than I ever imagined it would be, but I’m so thankful for the strides toward maturity I was able to make and the valuable lessons I learned from these amazing young women. Thanks again to Chandler for helping me make this a reality; big thanks to my father Ruel for taking pictures, donating your time, and saving lives; shout out to my other photographer Bianca for shooting with us both at Dragon Park and at Radnor Lake (CHECK OUT HER WORK ON INSTAGRAM: @MadeOfWaves), my mother Robin for helping me come up with ideas and guiding me through it all, and Trey for his help with videography.


Every single one of these girls is getting their very own blog post; I will publish once or twice a week (hopefully without fail) throughout the next couple of months, starting in July. So, expect a lot of content coming your way and a break from seeing my face all the time. 😛

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Thanks again to everyone involved with this, and remember that our generation is in control of how our society defines beauty. Let’s take advantage of that opportunity and effect a change in our media.


Until next time!

Much love,


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  • Super awesome, Erin. I seriously admire you, every one of these gals, and the project as a whole. Love you all.

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