So It’s THAT Time of Year

Blouse, Belt, Necklace–Thrifted. Skirt–Blush. Leather Jacket–F21. Boots–Target.

WYSLTWRT: Gotye “Easy Way Out”

Last year during the holidays I didn’t really acknowledge the time of year, so I thought I would give Thanksgiving a lil’ bit of a shout out this time around.

In this outfit, I did my best to find the balance between class and comfort. It’s really a difficult holiday to dress for, if you think about it: you’re trying to show those extended relatives just how put-together you are and bounce off of the standard questions about where you’re going in life, if you’re on drugs, why you’re majoring in English (“I mean, you ALREADY speak English, so why pay $30,000 a year to learn MORE about something you’re already an expert at?”), etc. Hopefully, wearing something that shows your personality while simultaneously staying within the confines of family tradition will act as an unspoken forcefield against questions about the guy who came with you to the last Thanksgiving dinner but doesn’t seem to be showing his face this year.

Excuse the X on my hand. Side affect of late night concerts.

The leather jacket is that perfect little rebellious piece that causes your aunt to lean over and whisper “Do you think she’s in a gang?” to your uncle, who is paying far much more attention to the Rockette’s performance on TV than your grand entrance.



So of course you shluff off the jacket and proceed to hug every relative that requires hugging and eventually you manage to sit down. Thank God you didn’t wear a ton of accessories, just one vintage looking statement necklace to attract the grandparents and distract from the length (or lack thereof) of your skirt.



The skirt itself is pretty cool. It’s just one huge elastic band with fabric wrapped around an scrunched up to look like messy pleats, and it begs for a skinny belt. The color of the skirt is the perfect mix of all the colors on the blouse.






One thing you do NOT want to do on the holidays is go crazy on the makeup. It gets in the way of eating and your relatives will look at you funny. I just stuck to foundation, bronzer, mascara, and I filled my eyebrows. Didn’t hike up my hair as per the norm–just kept everything looking pretty natural.










Of course, I didn’t actually wear this on thanksgiving. I wore sweatpants.


That’s all for November! November Faves will be combined with December for a special Winter Faves post.

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See you all in December!

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