The Windowsill/Kitchen/Bedroom/Lounge.

College Room Tour, Winter 2016

Hello friends! As promised, here is my partial room tour–partial in that my roommate Kat’s side is not included, because she was asleep when I took these photos. Early bird gets the publicity. Let’s begin! Pictured above is our windowsill and “The Kitchen.” The right cupboard and the left top dresser drawer are absolutely, 100% full of FOOD. Mountains of food. […]

Jacket, Skirt, and Top: H&M. High Neck Bralette--Aerie. Sam&Libby Boots and Mossimo Bag--Target.

Glory Daze

Things are warming up down in Tennessee, but my wardrobe hasn’t quite gotten the memo. I have this horrible habit of coming up with fantastic fall outfits at the dawn of summer and superb summer outfits at the first fallen leaf. So, without further ado, here’s my perfect-for-fall-adequate-for-summer look, paying its respects to those gloriously crisp October mornings on a […]


Dark Was the Night, White Was the Ground

Listen To: The National “So Far Around the Bend” (The title of this post is a reference to the album from which I chose this song.) Snow snow snow snow snOW SNOW SNOW. I’M SO PUMPED. Seeing as I will hopefully (fingers crossed until April 1st) be attending college in the North, I need to teach myself to get used to actual […]