The Boyfriend Jean: Does Anybody Do It Right?

Black Button Down (self-altered), Necklaces--F21. Black belt--Thrifted. Destroyed Boyfriend Jeans--Gypsy Warrior. Clutch--Target. Strappy Heels--Charlotte Russe. Blazer/vest--Target.
Black Button Down (self-altered), Necklaces–F21. Black belt–Thrifted. Destroyed Boyfriend Jeans–Gypsy Warrior. Clutch–Target. Strappy Heels–Charlotte Russe. Blazer/vest–Target.

Sometimes I worry that I’m a sucky blogger. I don’t mean the content of the posts or anything (at least not for the most part) but my ability to put stuff on PM regularly is inconsistent. I’m going to be honest with you–it’s actually not easy, getting this thing together. You think you have time to catch up and then boom! Your equipment fails, or bang! The people with whom you regularly work aren’t available. I’m in no way blaming anyone but myself–this is more of an apology to my readers.


Anyway, today I want to talk about something I have been loving for the past couple of months and yet have neglected to feature.

Out of the archives of once lost outfits surfaces a new favorite of mine–the boyfriend jean. I think I’ve had these ones from Gypsy Warrior since December ’13, not sure. They’re frumpy, they’re destroyed, and they’re all kinds of wonderful.


There’s really not a wrong way to wear boyfriends jeans.

Okay, that’s a lie. There’s a pantheon of wrong ways to wear them. But each wrong way that had previously been bookmarked in the great big book of fashion sins has slowly softened itself and inched into new and blossoming categories, slipping under the radar using aliases such as “quirky”, “hipster”, or “soft grunge”.

So it leaves the masses wondering, what is ugly and what isn’t in today’s fashion scene? The lines have been blurred so haphazardly that it’s almost poetic.




Yes, I am romanticizing a pair of jeans.


I guess that’s why I love the boyfriend jean so much–this simple article of clothing has started to confuse everyone about what’s “professional” and what’s “childish”,throwing overbearing feminists to the curb while simultaneously wildly confusing and repelling the male species. I may be looking too much into it, but to make my opinion simple: boyfriend jeans are unapologetic and yet forgiving, and look great/horrible on everybody. It’s the international equalizer in trouser form!


That’s all.

For those of you who feel cheated and deceived regarding my February Favorites, here’s what’s going on: Because of various circumstances specifically regarding technological difficulties, February and March Favorites will be combined and posted at the beginning of April (hopefully). Sorry, February was a slow month, and I didn’t have a lot to talk about. However, the April post should be filled to the brim with new products, ideas, media, you name it.

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