The Discomfort Series Episode Two: PROPORTIONS.

WYSLTWRT: Flo Morrissey and Matthew E. White “Thinking Bout You (Cover)”

Hello and welcome to Episode Two of the Discomfort Series! Today I want to talk about proportions–and, more specifically, I want to talk about “unflattering” fits. I have always been one to focus on “dressing for my body type,” which is code for “dressing in illusions so people think my body type is what I want it to be.” I don’t feel comfortable in anything other than high waisted pants because I don’t like letting my lower stomach fat roam free; most pants I own have a high waist that is tight around the smallest part of my torso to accentuate an hourglass figure. I also stray from wearing tops with low necklines and boxy fits because I’m uncomfortable with the broadness of my shoulders and the fact that my shoulder blades don’t protrude from my back. These insecurities are silly, ridiculous, unimportant, not very “on brand” for me, but still a part of my daily life. So, what do I go and do? Buy some mom jeans, a scarf, throw everything on my body, and go out in public to flaunt my stuff.

Scarf (wrap top)–Target. Lace coverup–Thrifted. Mom Jeans–American Eagle. Sandals–Steve Madden. Slouchy Bag–Gifted (but, like, it’s from Target.)

I know what you’re thinking. “Erin, those pants are high waisted. You covered up your shoulders with that lacy thing. You’re not really exposing yourself at all.”

Yeah, I know. I styled it this way because at the end of the day, it was still a lot to ask of me to go out in something unabashedly exposing. At the same time, though, I do think the high waisted pant thing is a personal style preference of mine, albeit rooted in a security-blanket-type of mentality. I think these mom jeans do stretch my comfort limit because although the waist is high it is an altogether slouchy fit from top to bottom, making the actual size of my thighs a mystery. Looking at these photos, I think “damn, I look huge.” Because I have these thoughts, I continue. Baby steps.

Lordy I feel naked here! It really is a cute top though. I took an extra large square scarf, folded it in half like a triangle, and wrapped it around my body to get this sleeveless top. You can see Nina’s tutorial on how to do it here.  My scarf is a lot bigger than the ones she has in the video, so I tied mine a bit differently to show off the ends at the front.

Is that a bottle of chapstick in my pocket or am I just happy to see you?

The jeans have pretty big knee holes which I’ve recently been really into. I’m still not comfy with the whole wearing fishnets under them trend, but who knows?

I do really have broader than average shoulders, which I originally interpreted as the number one enemy to my femininity. I really did think that my shoulders made me look bulky, manly, and totally incapable of delicacy. And, at times, I really wanted to just feel cute and feminine and small. I still do, and feeling like I can’t is my biggest insecurity today; the feeling of  not being smaller all around–with less fat, smaller bones, and compact proportions–makes me feel too big for this world. I struggle with it a lot, and I can’t honestly say I’m over it yet, or loving those parts of me. I know it’s “not that noticeable” and “not a big deal” but that’s how I feel at times. This outfit was a step where I was wearing something that completely failed to conceal the broadness of my shoulders and the muscles on my back, and I still felt cute. Score 1 for Erin.



Thanks for reading, and I hope this inspires you to challenge the “rules” for your body type! If you have any suggestions for more episodes of The Discomfort Series please comment them below this post!

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