The French Connection

Everything seen is from Forever 21 except for the shoes, which are from Choies.
Everything seen is from Forever 21 except for the shoes, which are from Choies.

WYSLTWRT: Stromae “Tous Les Mêmes”

Edgy and cute are on two opposite sides of the fashion spectrum, and I always find myself battling with which side I’m on. I definitely don’t dress like a doll, but I’m not full on grunge either. However I dress is usually a reflection on my passing mood, as it is for most people. But another thing I always take into account (you may find me completely insane in doing this but I do) is the social standing I have in whatever event or setting for which I am dressing. For instance, if I’m going to an event where I know I will not have the upper hand socially, I’ll pick out something I know will set me apart and give me an air of superiority. If I know I’ll be with a trusted group of people, I wear “cuter”, more feminine pieces.

For this outfit, I wanted something smack dab in the middle for me. It’s got a platform boot and sharp colors paired with black to give an edgy vibe, but the silhouette of the apron romper and the way I styled my hair gives the outfit the vibe of a school girl.

web3NikeKali-1090  I love the kaleidoscope print on this shirt, but the wide range of colors can make it difficult to style. I decided to tone it down by pairing it with the black romper and going for soft eye makeup. The red lips tie into the color on the shirt, and the lack of eyeliner keeps the look young.


Since the outfit is pretty busy on top, I kept the accessories to a minimum (per the norm) with this gold macaroni-looking metal choker.

web3NikeKali-1074 When we shot this look, I had been listening to a lot of Stromae nonstop, so I felt the urge to try for a french-ish vibe, definitely with the hair, lips, and romper. If I ever went to France I wouldn’t hesitate to whip out this ensemble.



1) get a definitive side part.

2) apply small amounts of gel to the sides and just the roots of the top.

3) comb the top forward and fluff/shape with fingers.

Viola. 5 Minutes max.



1) Only using concealer, cover up dark circles and hit highlight areas (bridge of nose, cheek bones, forehead) with a concealer 2 shades lighter than your natural skin tone as your base. Since it’s still kind of warm I didn’t wear foundation. I usually only wear foundation in the winter.

2) Use a champagne eyeshadow and apply to the lid, with a matte mauve shadow in the creases (but only a little). Use an ivory/white shadow to highlight the brow bone. Curl the lashes (or don’t, it doesn’t look like I did in this picture) and apply a light mascara in the blackest black you can find. Filling your brows is optional.

3) Use a bit of bronzer just under the cheekbone and blend it out by using a translucent finishing powder.

4) Berry, red, orange, doesn’t matter what lipstick you use, just keep it clean.

Ta-daa! Once I figure out how to do a not-crappy-looking makeup tutorial, I will.











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