The Last Hurrah: How I Spent My Last Day of Freedom

Tomorrow begins my 180 day long panic attack that is Sophomore year, so my best friend Madison and I made the last minute decision to roam the streets of downtown Franklin, Tennessee. Franklin is my absolute favorite place in the world, but a nightmare for my checkbook! So rather than blowing my funds on the 589 things I knew I’d love, I took pictures of my favorite items from each store to feature on the blog…and possibly go back to get later.



Gin-o was the first stop on our fashion adventure, and had some really pretty pieces for what would be chump change for the average Middle Tennessee mom, but a month’s worth of savings for the middle class teen (aka me). While there were quite a few beautiful dresses, shirts, and clutches in the boutique, these tan high rise shorts really grabbed my attention.

Tan Desert Strip Shorts-$49
Tan Desert Strip Shorts-$49

If they were $35 or under, I would be wearing them at this very moment. But they were just barely too expensive to justify a splurge, so I waved my goodbies and we headed to the next stop.




Emmaline really gave me issues. Gorgeous store, gorgeous pieces…but good luck finding something under $100. One thing I do have to applaud the edgy boutique for is its amazing selection of real leather. I found a gorgeous forest green leather jacket with a gray hoodie attachment, a total candidate for my next lucky jacket. If only I were in a position to drop $700 in one place!

Forest Green Leather Jacket-$695
Forest Green Leather Jacket-$695

I need to stop looking at this photo, or else I’ll consider saving up my money for it.

Jonnie Q



I LOVE Jonnie Q. Although I’ve never bought anything there, I just love being in the store. Madison and I found so many things we loved, and I’m pretty sure I took quite a few photos.

Hand Mirror-$21
Hand Mirror-$21

This hand mirror was gorgeous, and just felt really nice in my hand. You know, those things you don’t really need to hold outside your purse but you do because it just feels so right? That’s what this mirror felt like to me. Kind of regret not buying it.



We spent most of our time in Anthropologie, and it was my favorite stop today. The whole place really feels more like a home than a clothing store. It was there that I really felt more compelled to pursue the small business lifestyle. I took too many pictures to put them all here, but I’ve painstakingly narrowed my loves down to two items (well, outfits. Is that cheating?).

Red Dress-$88. Shoulder bag-$88.
Red Dress-$88. Shoulder bag-$88.

White Lace Skirt-$188. Leopard Pullover-$78. Flower Waist Belt-$21.
White Lace Skirt-$188. Leopard Pullover-$78. Flower Waist Belt-$21.

I absolutely ADORED this red dress, and the purse was on the same rack; It seemed a crime not to style them together. Madison and I were both drop-dead in love with the white lace tea-length skirt, and I love how the girls at Anthro paired it with a printed sweater and waist belt.

Scented Candle-$14
Scented Candle-$14

One thing I actually bought at Anthropologie was this scented candle in a blue tin in the scent “volcano”. I’m not really sure why they named it that–I think that the candle has more of a floral/fresh air aroma to it. I’ve already lit it, and it smells amazing. It really embodies the combination of nostalgia and anticipation, because it triggers a memory that hasn’t really happened yet for me. It’s as if that scent is what I want my future home to smell like. Weird, I know. But a great buy nonetheless.


Serendipity is a skincare and cosmetics store run by the sweetest lady. We walked in and saw her struggling with a jammed printer. I found this GORGEOUS green preppy/edgy/sexy dress wtih a fabulous black collar.

Green Collared Dress-$180
Green Collared Dress-$180

Madison and I actually considered bargaining for a discount on the dress in exchange for fixing the printer, until we realized that neither one of us has ever unjammed a printer before. We stood at the door a good 2 minutes before giving up the idea and going to Starbucks instead.

All in all, I’m happy with what I got and had fun visiting the greatest place in my little world, Downtown Franklin Tennessee. It was the best last hurrah I could’ve asked for.

Comment below what you did/are planning on doing as your last moment of freedom! I’d love to read and possibly use some of your ideas.

Don’t forget to check in on Sunday to catch my next style blog! I’ll be showing you guys what I styled for the first week of school.

Wish me luck this school year!

Much love,







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