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Lace Collar Button Down--F21. Printed Vest--Thrifted. Sailor Shorts--???. Shoes--F21. Doctor's bag--eBay.
Lace Collar Button Down–F21. Printed Vest–Thrifted. Sailor Shorts–???. Shoes–F21. Doctor’s bag–eBay.

WYSLTWRT: SHEL “Stained” (actually just buy the whole album because it’s absolutely mesmerizing but this track is one of my favorites)

This has been a very–how should I say this–“organic” summer, regarding the style I’ve been gravitating towards over the past couple months. I’ve taken a short hiatus from electronic music, swapping launchpads for lyres and drum machines for mandolins, and I guess that change in current interest has seeped into my fashion sense as well. Not complaining at all–I’ve always wanted to pull off the vintage/indie look. So here’s me, giving it a shot. (WARNING: the following outfit is heavily inspired by the folk band SHEL as well as some amazing friends of mine.)

“Wow. Cool branch.”

I adore this vest. Fun fact: I used to wear vests all the time as a little kid. My grandfather would bring back one-of-a-kind vests back from his travels and I would always be decked out in preppy wear adorned with tribal prints, or something like that. I was an odd kid. Anyway, I guess I’ve brought back these guys as a nod to grandpa.


The buttons on the shorts are the same tone as the beading on the vest as well as the buckle on the bag. Details, people. Details.


And while we’re talking about the doctor’s bag, I have a little story that goes with it.

So my mom bought this hoping to make a doctor-like play set for our friend’s daughter, and wanted a real doctor’s bag. We found this old one on eBay and bought it, only to find that it was a bit too stiff and fragile to use for what we wanted to. I inherited the bag.

When we got it, however, we found a coin inside and a note that said something along the lines of “It is filipino tradition to always include a bit of money inside a bag or wallet when given as a gift. Hope you enjoy!” I thought it was cool how the bag went from one filipino to another.


Okay. Back to the outfit.

Great lace detailing.
Great lace detailing.

One of the keys to dressing in this style is to not be afraid of having a lot going on, a skill I struggle heavily with. I just try to make everything match and not clash at all by default, but I’m slowly learning that clashing can be awesome sometimes (not that I exercised that knowledge here).


I’m actually extremely proud of my hair in this look. Basically all I did was part my hair into sections starting by switching my severe part, then hair spraying and curling the sections with my straightener. Very easy, especially with my short hair being very forgiving.


Minimal winged eyeliner and lip balm complete the look.




Apparently I was feeling like only showing my right side that day.

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Next post will most likely be after I kick off my Junior year of high school, so wish me luck!

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