Transitions and Ambitions

Hat--Forever21. Loose Peplum Tee--Free People. Leggings--Forever21. Socks--Target. Jeffrey Campbell Litas--Poshmark. Long Peacoat--Anne Klein.
Hat–Forever21. Loose Peplum Tee–Free People. Leggings–Forever21. Socks–Target. Jeffrey Campbell Litas–Poshmark. Long Peacoat–Anne Klein.

I’ve been waiting for colder-ish weather to arrive to post this look, but I just can’t wait any longer. This outfit was a lot of fun to put together, because I’ve really been drawn to neutral colors this season. I’m starting a project to vamp up my room with a black, white, and gray color scheme (which may sound so dull, but throw in tiny pops of color and it rocks) and this outfit totally fits with my current…vibe.

Did I really just say my vibe? Ew.

ANYWAY, This outfit is a nice transition into winter. It’s nice and toasty for the most part but if I get too warm I can just chuck the coat and the outfit is still perfectly acceptable.


This shirt from Free People has a wonderful loose fit at the bodice that makes it crazy comfy and a really subtle peplum that moves gorgeously. The shirt itself is actually kind of special to me, because it’s the first thing I ever bought with my debit card. I remember how scared I was (and still am) of purchasing something online; I do it all the time now, of course, but I still cringe and cover my eyes every time I click the “Confirm my Order” button.

I dug out my old steam punk jewelry gifted to me from my birthday last year to add more interest to the outfit. If you don’t know what steam punk is…look it up. Come on guys, this is honors blogging.

Excuse my weird hand. Telescope Compass Ring--Gifted (ThinkGeek)
Excuse my weird hand. Telescope Compass Ring–Gifted (ThinkGeek)

This ring is super awesome because it has both a working compass and a telescope feature. You just flip up both lenses, pull out the little lens, and viola! You can see for…a few more feet than you could before. Whatever. It’s cool.

Aaaand I can always turn to my trusty robot friend. I call him Rodney because he reminds me of the ambitious Rodney Copperbottom from the movie Robots. Anyone know what I’m talking about?


That’s the outfit! I’ll probably get to take more photos this upcoming week during Thanksgiving break, so stay tuned and have an awesome Holiday with your family! Thank God we have a break from school–I was just about ready to rip all my hair out.

Speaking of which, I want to cut my hair. Thoughts?

(I’ll listen to your begging me not to cut it but I probably will regardless. That’s just me.)

(Don’t worry. My hair grows quickly.)

Much love,


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