Your 2015 Final Exam Playlist

Forgetting your headphones at home when you go to school is literally the worst thing in the entire world.

I exaggerate, of course. #FirstWorldProblems–but still. It sucks; not only does it suck because of all the horrid conversations flowing out your peers mouths to which you now must subject your poor innocent ears, but because its practically taking away a learning tool. This is at least true for me.

I am playing music on my phone at all possible and appropriate times of the day, without fail. It helps me focus on my work, drown out external distractions, and makes every hallway break its own little music video (written, directed, produced, and starred in by yours truly).

This focus, when lost, is devastating to both my work ethic and my general mood. I should probably try to be less dependent on it, but oh well. I digress.


So I’ve been into some amazing new music that has been perfect for motivation, focus, and even some tracks thrown in for a [dance] break, just in time to study for finals. I thought I’d share what’s helping me study with you guys.

You can find my playlist on my 8tracks now! I found that it’s a really efficient way to find, create, and share your favorite music with people everywhere. It was totally free to sign up and I made the playlist in no time. You can get the app, hook up your account to your Instagram and SoundCloud, and do all sorts of other cool stuff I probably haven’t even discovered yet. I’m working on getting some of my older playlists transferred to 8tracks as well as an updated WYSLTWRT playlist, so stay tuned to visit some old favorites!

My playlist is about an hour and a half long, with twenty-seven tracks in total. Enjoy!


More content to come post-final exams. You know.

Much love,


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