2Ways2WearIt: The Black Strappy Heel and Denim Jacket

Black Strappy Heels-$19 (originally $28), Charlotte Russe. Zara TRF Denim Jacket-$34, Poshmark.
Black Strappy Heels-$19 (originally $28), Charlotte Russe. Zara TRF Denim Jacket-$34, Poshmark.

Hey guys! So yesterday I got these two gorgeous pieces in the mail and I am in love with them.

I know what you all are thinking–I committed a fashion crime! I wanted to get the authentic Zara black strappy heels, but my wallet just couldn’t swing such a splurge.These knock-offs from Charlotte Russe were 30% and I just had to buy them. I think I made up for it with buying an authentic Zara light wash denim jacket secondhand.

SPEAKING OF WHICH, to my ladies on a budget: who said you had to get brand names brand new? Almost all of my high end pieces I bought pre-owned on an app called Poshmark. It’s my #1 app right now, and you’ll see it in my August Favorites post.

Alright, onto the outfits!

Look #1: Feminine Edge

Peach Flowy Shirt-$15, F21. Black Stretchy Pants-$18, F21.
Peach Flowy Shirt and Black Stretchy Pants-$15 and $18, F21.

I wore this outfit to church today, and it was a huge hit. I steered away from any kind of prints–it’s all about the statement pieces here!

I absolutely adore the way the denim jacket is cut at a slant up front to back. It shows off the length and contrasting material of the shirt and gives the entire outfit that edgy/casual feel we all love.


I popped the collar for a little extra “Grease Lightning” inspiration. It works really well with  my current haircut! Plus it’s killer paired with the heels.


PM-0249 PM-0268


Look #2: Sporty Vamp

“82” Jersey Tee-$9.80, F21.

I went to Forever21 yesterday and scored this sick jersey tee! I’m so excited to wear it everywhere, and maybe throw some studs on it too. It’s insanely comfortable and there’s nothing else like it in my closet! Also, I think it creates an almost humorous contradiction to the seemingly formal heels. I like how it’s sort of  a little stab at how segregated business and street lifestyles are.

PM-1448 PM-1451


The shirt is big and baggy which is super masculine, but the rolled cap sleeves are what sold me. It makes me feel like this total jockette who transformed my boyfriend’s old tee shirt or something, and I think it even looks kinda flirty in a way. Once again, it’s the denim jacket that really brings the whole look together into something completely different from my first outfit. All I did was switch out my top!

PM-1530 PM-1534 PM-1498


Thanks to my girl Caroline for requesting this post and to all of you for reading and commenting! My Friday post hit 90 views and I’m so excited!

Also, I really appreciate comments from you guys. I read them all because I have to approve them for postage and you are all so sweet. Commenting helps me find out who is reading and what you’re getting out of my posts, so please comment if you have something to ask, request, or if you just want to say hi 🙂 Thanks again!

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