Between the Times

Peasant Top–A’Gaci. Striped Midi Skirt–H&M. Men’s Belt–Gifted. Clarks Heels–Thrifted.


Last we met, I had no bangs, fewer skirts, and a whole lot more time. Now, here I am–with a new hairstyle, an expanded wardrobe, and a whole lot more on my plate. It’s interesting how my time seems to be filled to the brim even as I no longer attend high school.

Anyway, I have a new look for you all and another one in the works, which will be out in two weeks or less! Be prepared. PM is back on its feet.


Recently I’ve been really inspired by more vintage looks, including longer hemlines and softer color schemes. This Zooey Deschanel epidemic has hit my closet pretty hard, and in all honesty I’m completely okay with it. If I don’t fall pray to college aesthetics (i.e. sweatpants, flip flops, and the like), I’ll probably be sporting this type of look on campus.


This top is essentially supposed to be worn off the shoulder, but I prefer it worn as a boat neck top on my body type. It’s terribly cute, and rather than toning down the sweetheart nature of the top, I decided to play it up with an equally adorable skirt. Because who goes overboard better than yours truly?


The bow detailing at the elbow adds to the small-french-town vibe.


I don’t think people realize just how incredible skirt pockets are. Pockets take a skirt from “this is cute!” quality to “goOD LORDY BLESS US ALL THIS SKIRT IS A PRESENT FROM HIGH HEAVEN” quality. Ask any frequent skirt-wearer; it’s a life changer.


In order to define my waist and to break up the vertical lines in the shirt and skirt, I added this reddish-brown men’s belt that I got as a hand-me-down from my good friend and neighbor. It matches fairly well with the leather of my heels, which have been my staple shoe recently.





Thanks for reading! As promised, I’ll have another look up fairly soon, and maybe another Wandering Mind post up in between.

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