College Room Tour, Winter 2016

The Windowsill/Kitchen/Bedroom/Lounge.
The Windowsill/Kitchen/Bedroom/Lounge.

Hello friends! As promised, here is my partial room tour–partial in that my roommate Kat’s side is not included, because she was asleep when I took these photos. Early bird gets the publicity.

Let’s begin!

Pictured above is our windowsill and “The Kitchen.” The right cupboard and the left top dresser drawer are absolutely, 100% full of FOOD. Mountains of food. To the right of that is our mini fridge, covered in Shakespearean and Pride&Prejudice word jumble magnets (courtesy moi). The top of the Kitchen Area serves both as Kat’s and my letter writing stations, my bedside table, and the communal food making station. The cloth covered counter is where we prepare sandwiches, mix smoothies and crepe batter, and consume our creations.


My side houses my phone charger, a miscelaneous cup of jewelry, medicine, and chapstick, my glasses and perfume tray, my stationery and study glasses, my bluetooth speaker, portable charger, my Frida box (of course) and, finally, whatever book I’m reading at the time. I’ve just started Americanah by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie (whom you may recognize from her “We Should All Be Feminists” TEDx talk.) Thank you Andy for lending me the book!

My bed.
My bed.

My actual sleeping area is probably my favorite part of the whole room. I went a little crazy this semester and purchased eight pillows in total for myself, to make sure that I was constantly flanked by fluff at one point or another. Most bedding comes from Target, with only a few gifted exceptions; thank you Destin for the Project Maganda pillow and Mr. Grimes for the ticket pillow! They are my favorites of the bunch.

Because there are SO MANY PILLOWS, my bed doubles up as a comfy study couch for guests when they come over. This has definitely become the prime Netflix spot.

Laptop skin--Society6. PM Pillow--Gifted.
Laptop skin–UniqFind. PM Pillow–Gifted.

I’ve gotten a lot of questions about my laptop skin. It’s from a site called UniqFind–and it’s not only kept my laptop distinct, but safe as well. You have the option to buy a clear laptop case in addition to the skin, and it’s been 1000% worth the purchase. They’ve recently come out with new designs as well, and have matching skins and cases for your phone as well. Check them out here!

Record holder--Gifted. Seat cover--DIY.
Record holder–Gifted. Seat cover–DIY.

Okay, I’m going to brag on myself for a hot second. See this rough-n-tough, poorly sewn box cover that turns this vinyl storage box into a foamy seat for fine dining or social interactions or straight chillin? I MADE IT. Yep, I made it. With my own two grubby high school graduate hands. ‘Tis one of my proudest works of art.

Speaking of work, let’s move to my study area!


Pictured above is my desk, donned with books on books on books. This is where I get most of my homework done, from math assignments to poetry papers. Everything generally has its place, which puts me at peace. My laptop fits right on top of the desk and my papers rest on the pull out tray. My GIANT printer (thank you mom) sits underneath on the ground, with the gray USB connector waiting wedged in between the cupboard and desk.

As you can see, I have a wall covered in polaroids from various memorable points of senior year of high school, as well as a couple new memories from my first semester in college. And, of course, my life would be in shambles without my trusty dusty paper calendar. That is the one thing my workspace cannot live without.


I have an identical calendar in the kitchen back home in Tennessee, and I don’t go a day without checking, updating and crossing out the days on it. It’s my version of a personal planner and I refuse to use any other kind of calendar.


Here’s a straight-on look at my work area. As you can see, I have four very important letters from four very important people taking up all of the bulletin board space. I prefer it this way–the letters provide me a lot of encouragement when I get frustrated with my studies. PSA: if you want to win my heart, write me a full-blown letter. I will undoubtedly cry, regardless of the topic.

Also included are some photos Madison printed for me and some art across the bottom. Thanks Mrs. Pippi, Steele and Andy for the drawings.

Crosley Record Player--Urban Outfitters.
Crosley Record Player–Urban Outfitters.

Last to go on our tour is the music station. Here you get to sneak a peek at some of Kat’s decoration. Lots of Star Trek here (peep the signed and laminated portrait of William Shatner on the left). Aside from that, my record player sits atop Kat’s old dresser which holds all our dishes. And trust me, we use every single inch of space the drawers provide. It’s ridiculous how much we eat at home. Anyway, everything pictured is Kat’s except for my record player. Her cassettes can hook up to her speaker and clock here for our listening pleasure, or we can pop a vinyl on for the evening. She taught herself Ukulele as well, so hers sits here for decoration too.

The only other things in the room are Kat’s side, my closet, and the sink (which is nothing special). So, as of now, that concludes the room tour!

Hopefully this gave you some ideas for next semester. If not, I hope it made you jealous at the very least.

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Much love,


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