Crop Tops and Thrift Shops

Crop Top--F21. Skirt--Thrifted. Vintage Coach Bag--Gifted. Sunnies--Dollywood. JC Litas--Poshmark.
Crop Top–F21. Skirt–Thrifted. Vintage Coach Bag–Gifted. Sunnies–Dollywood. JC Litas–Poshmark.

I really like balancing different textures and levels with my outfits, and I think this look is a perfect example of using levels to effect interest. This old tribal midi skirt used to touch the ground when I bought it in 3rd grade, but now it’s even more in stile as it hits half way up my calf. The skirt is loose and flowing much in contrast to my shirt.


This  black crop top is form fitting, short, and plain–pretty much a polar opposite to my choice in bottoms. But such a contrast works in my favor for this outfit, directing attention to the outfit as a cohesive whole rather than having too many points of interest.




May favorites will be up soon. I know I don’t usually put two of the same type of post consecutively, but hey. I was in Pensacola this last week and wasn’t able to take pics of my faves for May. Rest assured, though; there are many.

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