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^^^don’t mind that. I’m just getting myself onto Bloglovin’. Y’know.

Actually, that’s the only reason I’m posting anything right now.

Sooooo…I guess I’ll ramble.

I literally love everything about the 4th of July. I love how ridiculous celebrations get, I love how I literally can’t walk ten feet without falling into a cooler full of Coca-Cola or stepping on a firecracker, and just the overall concept of an entire country throwing a nationwide birthday party fascinates me. Which is weird, because as far as the average American family goes, my household is pitifully unpatriotic. I said I liked the concept of this holiday, not the actual action. We just don’t really do much. (This really applies to everything, like, ever, but whatever.)

One thing I’m always 100% up for is fireworks and hot dogs. Those are just kind of a must for me, regardless of what else I do. Just the idea that you are risking the safety of your entire neighborhood with a Bratwurst in one hand and a bottle rocket in the other all in the name of ‘Murca is beautiful and sacred and should never change, ever.


I was really hard core hoping that this picture would be bigger. Like obnoxiously big. That was such a let down.

See y’all tomorrow, maybe.

Much love,


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