Music Spotlight: MIKA “Blame It On The Girls”

Today, I was casually stalking VEVO on YouTube (you must understand I am on YouTube nonstop) and through a convoluted trail of vaguely related music videos I stumbled upon MIKA, a Lebanese-British singer/songwriter with a prog-meets-pop-grunge sound. I have found a gem midst the random 15-year-old boys desperately trying to make it as the next Harry Styles.

I watched a lot of MIKA’s videos, and I’m still currently exploring his music. He’s actually very established in Britain and has won/been nominated for many prestigious music awards. His music videos are odd and some of his songs aren’t my cup of tea, but he has some amazing tracks. “Blame It On The Girls” is my favorite so far, with “Big Girls (You are Beautiful)” as the runner up and “Popular Song Feat. Ariana Grande” in third.

I’m a sucker for strong deep piano licks and swift lyrics, so “Blame It On The Girls” was a shoe-in for my affections.

The music video is, like I said before, a bit odd, but I don’t mind it. His dancing reminds me a little bit of Feist’s music video for “1234”–more so an erratic dropping of the shoulders at random intervals in the song than true dancing. The opening section of the music video totally gives off a “Benny and Joon” vibe, and I love it.

Idk, he’s pretty cool. Watch the music video for “Blame It On The Girls” here.

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