Meet Emme.

Dress–New Zealand Thrift Market. Denim Shirt–Goodwill.

Emme’s style is a compilation of everything that happens around her; she’s always dressed for an adventure and never skips a beat. This is something that I really admire about Emme, since she always seems to be able to flow through all settings effortlessly.


“My favorite thing about myself is that I like myself better without makeup on, although it’s always fun to get dolled up,” she says. “I’m a pretty care free person and I think that often reflects in my appearance.”


Emme finds inspiration from all random areas, but also from a national icon: “My role model is of course Miranda Sings! Duhh. She has a great style and is perfect in every way.” Emme is undoubtedly Miranda’s biggest bae.


Emme’s fun-loving, easy-going perspective on life is in no way lacking its share of wisdom. Here are Emme’s closing remarks:

“I know I have a healthy body, but I also know that I am not super skinny. Girls like me might look at magazines, famous people, and even their thinner friends and feel insecure. I want them to know that they don’t need to have that body type to be beautiful or even healthy. It is perfectly normal to be a little thicker than the perfect girls the world tells us we should look like. I love my body and I encourage other girls to love their bodies too.”


And in just a few sentences, Emme managed to sum up the entire point of Project Real. This four month journey comes to a close today, and if you remember anything, please remember these words. Love your body. Love your face, both with and without makeup. Love your style, and those who inspire it. Love your opinions, love your hobbies, love your ambitions. Love every version of yourself. Be unapologetic in your presence and judicial in your actions. Defy the norm, be original, dismiss negativity and reject mediocrity. Be real.



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Huge thanks to my parents Ruel and Robin Oquindo for supporting me through the two weeks of shooting and being understanding of my spending hours upon hours a week on the computer working to produce each post in time. Thanks Bianca Sass (Instagram: @MadeOfWaves) for shooting with us at Dragon Park and Radnor Lake–your pics are stellar. Lots of love to Chandler Elkins for helping me not only flesh out the idea for Project Real but also for helping get some of the greatest models I could ask for (check Chandler’s Project Real post here.) And speaking of models, let’s hear it for all the Real Girls: Kathleen, Chandler, Ashley, Chloe, Reagan, Lexi, Caroline, Katherine, Abi, Kathryn, and Emme for lending me your amazing modeling skills and precious bits of wisdom. And finally, thank you to all my readers for supporting Project Real–with no audience this all would have been for naught.

That’s a wrap for Project Real! If you missed any posts along the way, you can track back by clicking the STYLE BLOG tab at the top of this webpage. You can also like our Facebook page to get automated updates on any upcoming posts, or follow me on Instagram and Twitter @ProjectMaganda and the hashtags #ProjectMaganda and #ProjectREAL to see some day to day updates on my life and happenings with the blogs. My regular posting will begin again at the beginning of next month.

Again, I can’t thank you all enough. It’s been more work than I ever imagined when I first wanted to embark on an endeavor like this when the blog was first started, but the feeling of fulfillment is more than worth it.

I’ll see you all in October! Stay real.

Much love,


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