Meet Lexi.

Dress--F21. Shoes--Target.
Dress–F21. Shoes–Target.

I had the pleasure of getting to know Lexi through Project Real, and I can say she is one of the sweetest girls I have ever met. Her bright and easygoing demeanor can light up any room.


“I consider my style to be preppy with a twist,” she says. Lexi’s fun and light style allow for her to showcase her favorite features–her hair and her eyes.

Lexi doesn’t have any specific style icon, but rather pulls from anything and everything that interests her. I love how she is able to pull inspiration from all that she sees and hears; it reminds me to put down my walls and let myself learn from everything around me.


Lexi likes to reflect her care-free style and personality through more flowing shirts and dresses, like the one she chose here from Forever 21. This not only flatters her figure but allows for some dramatic shots in the wind!


Lexi has a quality about her that I see very rarely in others. Even upon first meeting her, I knew that she would be a joy to work with, but also a friend I would be able to trust. Lexi is kind spirited, carefree, and trustworthy. All of these qualities you can just see in the way she walks, talks, and lives her life. Her kind demeanor is one that I am so glad to now know.







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Thanks for reading this installment of Project Real!

Thanks to Lexi for modeling this shoot! It was a blast.

Photography: Ruel and Erin Oquindo

Videography: Trey Hicks

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