Style Inspirations and YouTubers That Get Me Through the Day

Everyone needs an inspiration. Someone to love, someone to fangirl over (other than that one minor fictional character that got killed in the second book *cough*), someone to strive to hold a resemblance to. This is a list of my favorite people–some are people I live to be like, and others I just love to watch when I need a good laugh.

Jennifer Wang, Art in Our Blood

It’s hard to believe that such a gorgeous human being can possibly exist on this earth and not be half constructed by a computer program. Jennifer Wang is a true Asian beauty with an impeccable sense of style. I love how she combines the hottest trends and turns them into something seemingly foreign to the rest of us, but inescapably magnetic at the same time. The photo above is a perfect example. Lace and printed leggings are two of the most loved trends this summer, but did you look at Jennifer and think “wow, look at those popular summer pieces”? No, because you were stunned by the originality of the outfit as a whole. THAT is true styling at work.

Tyler Oakley, YouTube


I can’t really see Tyler without giggling just a little bit. He’s so funny, light-hearted–not to mention adorably and hilariously gay. And I mean that in the nicest way possible, because Tyler has this amazing ability to make people happy, just with his presence. I have a lot of respect for Tyler because we both struggled with eating disorders in the past and both overcame those struggles, so I can connect with him on that level. Need a nice pick-me-up? Check out his channel on YouTube.

Joe Sugg (“ThatcherJoe”), YouTube 


A good friend of Tyler’s, Joe Sugg (or “ThatcherJoe” on YouTube) is another one of those people with the ever-so-coveted ability to make a person smile. And it totally doesn’t hurt that he’s drop dead gorgeous (and I’m not usually into white guys). I think it runs in the family…

Zoe Sugg (“Zoella”), YouTube

…because his sister, Zoe Sugg, is stunningly beautiful. Zoe, or “Zoella,” as she calls herself on her popular YouTube channel, is an adorable little 23 year old woman with a knack for beauty. If you don’t really know what beauty products to buy or if you should get this or that, Zoe’s answer to that question would be…buy both! This girl would make a phenomenal saleswoman–she could convince you to buy a dirty sock if she wanted to. I know I’d buy one.

Simon and Martina of EatYourKimchi, YouTube

To my readers that personally know me (which at this point is most likely all of you) you know that I proudly express my love for many genres of music, one of them being the heavily stereotyped and unfortunately misunderstood genre of Kpop.

Please, keep reading. I promise I won’t try to convert you to Kpop. Yet.

Anyway, if I want to see a funny and refreshing critique on the latest Kpop video, learn about the latest and upcoming K-indie artists, or just admire the fine workings of the most successsful marriage I have ever witnessed, I go to Simon and Martina. The couple met in college and, after their marriage, moved to Korea to bask in the awesomeness of their careers as…well…It’s hard to explain. Just go watch them on YouTube.

Cassey Ho of Blogilates, YouTube and and

Cassey Ho is a super toned and gorgeous bubble of happiness. She has figured out how to make fun (but definitely not easy) 9-15 minute workout videos on YouTube for freeeeee. Forget the gym! All you need is a laptop, a 3 ft. by 8 ft. space on your floor to feel the burn, and a couple days between each workout to get over how sore you’ll be. I don’t think I’ll ever resort to simple crunches and pushups again.

Jenn Im of ClothesEncounters, YouTube

I have truly saved the best for last. Jenn is my ultimate inspiration for everything involving fashion. I can’t count how many pieces I’ve bought because of her reviews. It’s Jenn’s YouTube channel that gave me the idea to start a blog. She’s even the person who introduced me to Blogilates! If you don’t look up any of the previous people, please look up Jenn. She is gorgeous, intelligent, and incredibly talented at fashion. I have seen every single video she has posted and don’t plan on missing one. Jenn is amazing, so go check her out!  I’m her biggest fan, and will continue to fight for that title.

That’s it for my favorite people! Thanks for reading. Comment below who inspires you!

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