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Black Sweater--$12, and Leather Crossbody--$35, Forever 21. Patterned Track Pants--$16, Target. Strappy Heels--$19, Charlotte Russe.
Black Sweater–$12, and Leather Crossbody–$35, Forever 21. Patterned Track Pants–$16, Target. Strappy Heels–$19, Charlotte Russe.

WELCOME TO 2014! To kick start the year, I wanted to debut my new and improved hairstyle! I went short again, and it’s so amazing. I don’t even miss my long hair at all.


I’m starting to realize that not everything has to be fitted to be flattering, as shown with this outfit. I picked up these Frank Lloyd-Wright-esque pants on sale at Target because I’ve been stuck in a black-and-white, super skin-tight phase. These loose fitting track slacks killed two birds with one stone and three colors.


Don’t be afraid to go baggy on baggy with these kinds of outfits. As long as you go with a slim heel and keep it together with cuffed sleeves and clean/sharp makeup, you can still maintain your figure.





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